Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Reunion Pt 1


I am vanderPUMPED!  Love me some Andy Cohen PLUS all the cast hashing it out! YES!

Intros… Andy asks Tom and Ariana are living together and then he asks if they at least changed the mattress! Hilarious!

We start off with Kristen, Tom and Ariana.  Andy asks her if she really believes Tom and she says she does.  He is honest and most around don’t know the full truth about any situation between them  They tell everyone to mind their own business. I agree!

Jax’s nose is the next topic that comes up.  Andy says it doesn’t look that different and basically asks if he needed surgery because of cocaine he has ruined his nose.  The look on Kristen’s face says it all.  He obviously does or did coke.


Then Andy brings up Botox, Scheana and Kristen both cop to it.  Scheana points out that she has no wrinkles.  Yes, that is true Scheana but you look like an alien or one of those creepy, latex dolls. Botox in your twenties is madness.


More on Jax and his 2 girlfriends.  He says they both know and knew.  Kristen says that is not the case.  She says Carmen never knew until she watched the show and it ashamed now.  Jax says she is so ashamed she slept at his place last night.  Carmen – MOVE ON!

Then Jax says this, and it was epic:


To finish Jax off, Andy asks if anyone believes anything Jax says.  Not one person raises their hands.

On to Miami Girl

Calling Kristen out for leaving her phone on purpose.  She totally did and we all know it.  That is classic Kristen.

Andy also asks Jax about Johnny Pod and if they ever slept together.  Remember this is the guy who met up with Jax and Tom in Miami.  They were old friends and Jax lived with him.  Jax claims it was all innocent.  Hmmmm….

Kristen brings up Ariana’s quote about ‘being smarter than any person she ever met”.  Ariana says she even cringes.  But COME ON, don’t we ALL feel that way?  We just don’t say it out loud.

Stassi is about to enter the reunion.  They show her getting ready.

Starting it off right:


Andy asked her why she always seemed to avoid Jax. She said because the show has always been about them and she didn’t want that anymore.

Kristen keeps speaking up, defending Stassi, this is weird.  Ooo ok, now it comes out… turns out  Stassi and Kristen, hang out and are friends.  Scheana calls her out, the whole reason Stassi was mad at Scheana was for being friends with Kristen.

Jax says he really, really hates Kristen and that they are all good now that she isn’t around.  She says, “why, because I call you out on your bullshit?”  Could be true.

Stassi goes on to explain her position and why she acted the way she did this season.  All the guys keep telling Stassi to shut up. WHICH I do not find appropriate!

Katie finally tells her that she is the most selfish person she has ever met, that Stassi cutting someone out of your life is serious business.  She asks Stassi to tell her what she ever did wrong to her.  Meanwhile Scheana is in the background telling Stassi that Katie is the best friend she ever had, and that Katie did not do wrong.  She is right.

Stassi is gearing up for a response…


Stayed tuned!  Until Next Week….


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