Vanderpump Rules Miami Vices S 3 Ep 13

Here she comes…

We open with a mystery woman walking down the street.  Next we cut to interior of a restaurant and … dun dun dun Miami girl here in the flesh – BOTOX  Anne Marie looks like she is 45.

Kristen gets the lo-down.  She goes  off on how Tom was so sweet, blah blah.  Then she says she thinks Tom is still in love Kristen!  Ya right!

She is actually planning on having Miami chick confront Tom at work.  Such a BAD IDEA!

We get to see Tom Schwartz at a modeling shoot… looks pretty good in the suit.   Katie shows up. They discuss Stassi’s fit throwing over Katie going to Miami WITH HER OWN BOYFRIEND.  Sounds like Katie wants to forgive her and make up.  Hopefully, Stassi will realize how petty and selfish she is being.


Scheana, Vail, Tom and Ariana are working.  Kristen and her friend are there having drinks.  Here comes Miami girl.  She is walking straight up to him, oh shit.  Wow, this is wrong and funny though.  Tom’s confessional ‘fuck’.

Tom books outta there.  Crazy stalker and Kristen follow –  they actually try to run him down. Then they go after Ariana. If she wanted to talk she would! They all 3 look like dirty hookers in the alley chasing Ariana.  Crazy bitches.


 These 3 crazies actually get a table.

Scheana comes out  and tells Kristen off. Screaming match.  I am on Scheana’s side.  Oh shit here comes the Manager.  She better knock this bitches head off.

Nope – Kristen tells her “Walk away, fuckin’ walk away, you don’t own the restaurant, walk away.”

Jax and Scwartz are out having drinks.

Sorry not really interested in this convo.  It’s about Jax and his flavor of the month.  Whatever.

Back at Sur

Lisa and Ken show up and Diana is telling them what happened with Kristen.  Lisa is pissed and rightly so.  Scheana comes right up and apologizes. Then she gives the REAL LO-down on what just happened.

Lisa is calling Tom and telling him to get back to work!  Ariana too!

Katie picks up Tom and Jax 

They find out via text, about Miami chick showing up at Sur!

Tom and Ariana are back to work and closer than ever too!  This is only bringing them closer together, duh Kristen!

The attention-seeking plastic face is back at Sur!  Grab this weirdo and drag her out by her hair.

This chicks top lip is like Bart Simpsons, yikes!

Jax, Kristen, James, Jax GF/F or whatever.

Kristen ends up talking to Scheana about the Miami girl situation, and Kristen is still in denial about crazy this all is!

Welp… until next week….