Vanderpump Rules Judgement Day S 3 Ep 14

Kristen’s Time Has Come

Kristen gets called into talk to Lisa, Ken, Diana and the others in charge. Kristen still will not apologize or see what she has done wrong. Then Lisa finally fires her. She still does not accept responsibility says she got fired because Lisa does not like her. Reality check… you brought a shit storm into your place of work, then you chased your co-workers out of there, then you yell at Scheana and your Manager. But yeah, you got fired because Lisa doesn’t like you.

Dylan’s Candy Bar
Scheana is shopping for her wedding. I LOVE Candy Buffets! Good Scheana! Ariana is with her and they are talking about Kristen

Kristen and James 

She is going on about Lisa firing her, the ‘other Sur waitress’ shows up.

Katie and another Sur waitress.  I should probably figure these other chicks names but they are not even in the credits, so why bother.

Katie is talking about her and Stassi’s fight.  She is genuinely hurt and feels Stassi hasn’t been there for her, I agree.

She also brings up how Schwartz admitted to cheating on her in Vegas.  I am kind of surprised he cheated.

Jax House

Jax is talking but I don’t even know what he is saying.  Whatever.  I don’t really care.  Although, I love that Schwartz comes over to call out this back-stabbing friend.  He is the worst friend ever.  Tom calls him a #weasel – boy is that ever true.

Sorry folks that is it for now.. life calls and I can’t watch the rest!  Stay tuned…