Vanderpump Rules Finale Dethroned S 3 Ep 18

The Finale

We open with the annual Sur photoshoot, yay! I love the photoshoots! To add even more excitement, it is a retro themed this year. This is going be great. The location is called The Pink Motel and it is cool, retro chic!

Scheana and Katie are talking while getting their hair and make-up done. I want that, to sit there and gab while somebody gets me ready!

The rest are getting ready and coming out to show Lisa, she approves like the Queen that she is.

My favorite pic:


Lisa played director to shoot which I think is totally cool!
During the shoot, Scheana pulls Sandoval aside to gossip, why??? She brings up Jax and tells him that Jax outed him or lied about him and Miami chick, either way why is she doing this right now?

Of course, this is why Scheana brought it up right then, Jax and Tom have to shoot together next.

Now Scheana goes to Ariana and is trying to insinuate that Tom might have cheated. Like Ariana says, “WTF man?’.  Why now Scheana? You could be turning into Kristen, lol.  Ariana also says that she is, “smarter than any person she has ever met in her life”! OMG I love this girl!  I feel the same way about myself!


Tom S. Sees a Therapist

Grow up already.  If you aren’t feeling it… Katie is probably not ‘the one’. Right?

Back to the Shoot – Sandoval pulls Jax to the side to talk about ‘Miami’.  He is asking Jax straight up and Jax says he didn’t even see Kristen!  This guy is a Grade A Asshole.

Ariana joins the convo and Jax runs off with his tail between his legs. Coward.


Stassi shows up in an amazing white dress! #loveit

Lisa invites her the the wrap party, asking her to support Katie, so she agrees.

James and Kristen

Flashback to James begging Lisa to allow Kristen to come to the party.  Why??

Now, as Kristen is getting ready and SHE IS STILL SAYING SHE NEEDS TO PROVE IT ALL TONIGHT AT THIS PARTY.  He should NOT bring her!

Sur – Wrap Party

Kristen walks in and everyone is shocked!  Including me. Tom Sandoval doesn’t seem to be, in fact he says what would a party be without his “#1 stalker fan Kristen”.  Hilarious.  This chick has some nerve.

The party starts off with Katie with 1 group of friends and Stassi with another.  They decide to talk.  Jax shows up, darn.  But wait, Sandoval is still pissed, so maybe he will f’ Jax up.

Katie and Stassi are going back and forth about who has been the worst friend.  Katie says she hasn’t done anything wrong and I agree.  But Katie is going off though, she is being really loud, I don’t like it.  Katie is caught in the middle though – I bet that can be stressful.

Jax looks so gross on this finale, not that he ever doesn’t, but tonight he looks especially weird, creepy and artificial.

Lisa and Kristen

Lisa lets Kristen know right off the bat that she wants “NO trouble”.  Same ol’ Kristen, spouts off by saying ‘if Tom wasn’t a cheating liar, if Tom didn’t sabotage their relationship – they have done that themselves.’

Let it go.


You can tell she is not listening to Lisa at all.

Katie returns to her ‘group’ and starts gossiping about her and Stassi. STOP.  She shouldn’t.

Stassi, Jax and Lisa

Stassi wants to run, she can’t handle it and does not want to see Jax or anybody else for that matter.

She says “these people that are evil and I don’t want to associate with them anymore”.  Stassi’s outta there.

Vail gets on my nerves, she did from the first time she walked on this show.  Me-no-likey.

Sandoval, Schwartz and Jax

The 3 guys sit down to let it all come to a head.  They are actually in the back alley when Sandoval calls Jax out …

Where’s Kristen?  Of course, the Crazy biotch sniffs them out, she shows up and says “hi boys”.  They all go at it.  Jax denying, changing the story, Kristen sticking to her guns.  They all start yelling.

And then… Tom Sandoval reigns down on them with great vengeance and furious anger…

Tom’s on fire he tells them both off like a champ!  Tells Kristen ‘and you’re a pyscho – you burn through friends like Jax burns through condoms. Move the fuck on, go hang out with James and punch him in the face!’

Bwaaahahahahahha, sorry but she deserves it.  She is the original Teflon Don, girl needs a serious wake up call. I hope this was it.

Tom tells Ariana how awesome she is and how he has NEVER felt this way. He asks her to move in, damn I was so wanting him to say, “Marry me”.  I will settle for this, for now, but not too long Sandoval.  Get that girl a ring!

Tom and Katie

Rehash ring on a string, wedding, blah blah blah

She does give him 6 months to purpose or its over.  That’s good.  For both of them.

They show a slide show of the photo shoot and GET THIS – Kristen is STILL THERE.  She is the original Teflon Don.  If anyone would have went off on me like that, I would already be home eating Taco Bell and Dairy Queen in my jammies watching reruns of Friends, wondering what the hell I have been doing with my life for the past year.

Finally she leaves.

Towards the end Jax wouldn’t change anything is his life?  Try NOT lying.  Start there. His truck is towed too.

Karma I would love to think.

There it is. See you next season.  #pumprules