The Bachelor Season Finale – Who Does Chris Choose?


We start off the Finale hearing from Chris about the two girls and then he meets with his family.  They all are pretty laid and seem to be cool peeps.

Chris is going to hang out with Whitney first.  They go to Chris’s parents house and have a great introduction, seems easy.  They all sit down at one huge table filled with delicious food and happy faces., looks like what I want for my family.  Not the table so to speak but the loving, welcoming home that you can tell Chris came from.


Chris sits down with his sisters to talk about Whitney.  They think Whitney feels natural, like a natural fit into their family, into Chris’ life.  But when they ask Chris what it is about Whitney, he can’t really say.  They think that’s a red flag.

Chris’ Mom and Whitney talk it out and his Mom loves her, completely loves her.

Becca’s Turn-

I don’t know why but I think he is leaning towards Becca ultimately.

The sisters have met Becca before and one sister recalls how she was reserved and guarded.  Hope that changes.

They are all getting along at the big, happy table just like Whitney so far.  Becca then sits with his sisters.  Becca is saying she is not in a certain place.  Interesting!!!  She said it herself, Whitney is already ready to get married and have babies.  Becca is saying she isn’t there.  She is saying it needs to be long distance.  WOW,  I think she is blowing it.  I think, at this point, she is not ready for this.  You can tell by his sisters, they think so too…


Chris needs to focus on Whitney. He is already in his 30’s.

Now Becca is with Chris’ Mom.  She is calling her out.  Saying what if you had to decide right now. His Mom is telling her that if Whitney wants to give that to her son OR risk having Becca leave in six months.  What would a Mom want?  Go through life and not take a chance?  What is it all for?  She tells Becca that truly, the ball is in her court. Chris’s Mom, in confessional, says that she thinks Becca loves him but doesn’t recognize love.  Could be true.


I think she needs to take the plunge or LET HIM GO.  Don’t string him along with a long-distance relationship.

His Dad just brought me to tears.  He said that he knows Whitney is a sure thing be he thinks Chris wants Becca.


Chris and Becca come together to talk.  Chris is asking her if she could really be with him forever.  She says that she is NOT ready to pick up and move her life.  Chris looks like he going to cry.  Poor guy, he really loves her a lot.  Damn,  I wish he would just dump her right there, but I don’t think he will.  Seems like he will settle for whatever she wants. She is being ridiculous.  While she is talking he is so upset, you can tell he wants her so bad.  She will NOT give him anything, not even a glimmer.  Poor guy should have known this weeks ago.


Whitney and Chris hang out and harvest wheat with his Dad.  Whitney is so into it, she was made for this.  I hope he picks her!!  I am liking her more and more.

Neil Lane shows up to have Chris pick out a ring and Chris is not in to it.  Since he doesn’t know which chick, he is still so troubled.

Here comes the big moment!  They are in the barn where Chris raised his first pig, at his family farm, of course.  The first limo arrives with….


Commercial break…

It’s Becca, Chris mentions how he doesn’t even know what he is going to do.  He is NOT willing to go with her whim, he wants something concrete and she will not give that to him.  Her loss.  What is she thinking??? He loved her! What else matters?!??!?!

Telling Becca Bye

I don’t know…. If I were Whitney I would not want to be 2nd.

Whitneys turn… I wonder what he will do?

She is so nervous.  She talks and says sweet nothings to him, then he talks and she realizes she is The ONE!


He is getting down on one knee ladies!  This is it!  He  asked her! She said Yessssssss!



Can’t wait to watch the next hour with every one IN STUDIO LIVE WITH CHRIS HARRISON!

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