The Bachelor 3 Ladies Left! S 19 Ep 10


This week we are down to 3 women, where did the time go? We have Whitney, Becca, and Kaitlyn. My personal favorite is Kaitlyn. He has to pick her!


We start off in Bali, Kaitlyn and Chris are on their one-on-one. They are doing the typical ‘crazy tropical far off island’ thing and feeding monkeys. The monkeys even got to pee on Chris’ shirt! lol.  He took it like a pro. Funk that! Put me in the mountains with no big-ass insects and crazy shit climbing on me, ANY DAY!

Kaitlyn even says she thinks she is pretty tough can handle anything but not if it’s a monkey, lol. I hear you girl!

As they sit down to dinner, Kaitlyn tells the camera that she might not be ready to tell him how she feels. I am thinking,  ‘of course, it’s now or never honey!’.  She sits down and actually does tell him and he says that he is excited about what is happening between them.  Looking good!

DUN DUN DUN… Fantasy Suite time!  Will she do it?   Of course!  She actually says ‘she can’t imagine saying no to that’, uh yeah, you think?  Chris is excited too… I always get a creepy feeling like basically if they decide to go to the FS it’s like saying ‘Let’s go do it’.  A little creepy to me.  So when he says yes, I feel like he is only thinking about sex.  Am I a little old fashioned?

The Bachelor Chris_KaitlynFS


All I can think of is “that voice!”.  Ugh.  Seriously, does he not hear it?  Can he live with that for the rest of his life? I could not.

Whitney and Chris take a boat ride, seems dreamy.  Would love it.  Glass of wine, Chris in all his glory, rockin’ on the water.  Yes please.

Whitney totally needs to clear the air after her sister (in typical sister fashion) did not approve of their relationship.  She feels ‘very confident that she will marry Chris’.  That is interesting.  I felt that way about my husband so maybe it’s true.  But do they all feel that way?  Truly?  Or do they just want it so they think they feel it.  You know?

Fantasy Suite time – of course they are going.  Chris is like this kid in a candy store.  I somehow think that all he wants is “Fantasy Suite time”.  He mentions (as all the bachelors before him) that he wants ‘to take it to the next level’.  Rolling my eyes and cannot stop.

ALSO, on Fantasy Suites, I never paid attention before but eeewwww, it is the same room for all three chicks?  Ewwww!  They should mix-it up and put them in different rooms. That’s just gross and adds to the creep factor.


Again with the voice, is she completely nasally or is it just me?  She is nasally and talks s u p e r s l o w.  They seek out some mediums or ‘wisemen’ and  they ask questions. She tells them she has an important date tonight and their wise, sage advice?  Sex.  Puuuuuleease.  They tell her that they should ‘making love’.  Umm ok this is weird.  Isn’t there a beach they could have went to, an outdoor market maybe? Good Lord.

The Bachelor


They end up at a romantic, candle lit dinner that night and start talking about the future.  The big hesitation first is her feelings about Arlington, yes it is a small town.  But come on, who wouldn’t live just about anywhere for their true love?

Whoa wait, did Chris just tell her that he is falling in love with her and that he could see himself spending the rest of his life with her.  Hmmm, has he said this to any other?

Uh – oH – the envelope just showed up and …

Ok people NOW FOR THE BIG MOMENT  we have all been waiting for… Drumroll

Becca tells Chris she is a virgin.  Chris’s seems speechless… awkward.  Then finally he speaks up… still kind of speechless too.  FINALLY, he says he respects that.  Spit it out Chris!

Commercial break.  Damn you!  Even my husband is in to this now.  Of course, he loves the virgin angle, lol.

We are back and Chris says he woke up terrified and confused.  Becca worries him about living in Arlington.  Come one people!  Forget about geography!

He says he wants all the girls to meet his family and he actually starts crying.  Gotta be hard to be falling in love 3 women.   Maybe they should move to Utah.  Talk about a spin-off!!!  I would watch it fo’ sho’.

Chris sits down with Chris for a heart to heart before the next Rose Ceremony.  He wants them all.  He does say he feels strongly about 1 rose but not the others.

Rose Ceremony

The ladies are lined up and looking all exotic in their market wares.  Their hair also looks like the humidity is killing them.  Again, with the island crap.


All the sudden Chris pulls Becca aside, Kaitlyn and Whitney shoot each other the biggest smile.  Whitney mentions that Becca thinks she is going, so Whitney is ready for that.

Becca and Chris sit down and start talking, she is saying that is not going to worry about where she is living, she wants him.  She wants to make it clear. Both of them tell each other they are falling in love.  So glad she is being open and reassuring him.  Seize the opportunity girl!

** ok so side note, I think my husband just fell in love with Becca during this convo.  Although he says Kaitlyn has such ‘pink lips’.  This is entertaining.

Chris walks back in with Becca and the other ladies are shocked and upset, ha!  Kinda funny.  Whitney shoots out all these observations #truecolors Whitney! Please send Whitney home. Nope.

Whitney gets the first rose.  I am so disappointed.  Boo.

And now as Chris walks Kaitlyn out, my husband falls deeply in love with Kaitlyn.  He said it only took 1.5 seconds.

(Wait til he finds out she is gonna be the next Bachelorette bet he will be watching with me, or maybe he will apply!)

While Chris is saying goodbye to my favorite contestant of all time, the other two are creepily watching.  #stalker bitches already clinging to him and watching over him.

Until next week…

When the women tell all.








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