The Amazing Race: A Little Too Much Beefcake S27 Ep1

The Amazing Race

We’re back!! Yay! Amazing Race, my most favorite show of all time! They are starting off in Venice Beach heading to Rio de Janeiro. There is only 1 pair of tickets for the first flight. It is on.

Phil Amazing Race Start

They start off by having to race on the sand to the waiting taxis. Those taxi’s take them to water bikes that they must ride around the bay to another location.

tiffany and krista amazing race

The Texas boys are off and in first right away.

Tanner and Josh amazing race

But then, Tanner and Josh #TeamTexas then breaks down! #theGreenTeam Justin and Diana take first.  They get the first plane tickets to Rio.

Justin and Diana

Poor Josh and Tanner end up in last.

At the airport, the teams hang out and get to know each other somewhat.  There are 2 girls from TMZ, they make some funny assessments of the teams. I think I might like these chicks.  There are 2 sisters who are track stars, they seem fun and chill too. There is a newscaster couple, cousins, homeless dancers and more, oh my!

When they land they must make their way to a heli-pad to take a helicopter ride. Justin and Diana had their first flight delayed they pretty much arrive when the other teams do.  They decide to go to the Fast Forward, all other teams go for the Heli-pad. Once they get to the Fast Forward though…

Amazing Race Fast Forward

The wind is way too strong and they cannot complete the challenge until it dies down.  They are supposed to hang-glide.  They end up leaving. Now they are so upset. Poor Justin is crying, feel bad for dude.

Detour Sand or Sidewalk

Sand they must be footvolley against pros.

Amazing Race Sand Detour


Sidewalk, they must find a particular table along the beachfront and solve a slide puzzle.

Amazing Race Sidewalk Detour

The seemly brainy people choose the puzzle. #TeamTexas and #TheTrackstars go for the volley.  They can use their hands while the pros only use their feet and body. They are amazing. They are kicking both the teams in the rear. They are so good, fun to watch!

amazing race detour tanner josh

These two teams come up to speed and both complete the challenge within minutes of each other. Tanner and Josh decide to walk to the Pitstop.  The sisters take a cab.

Meanwhile, the mom and son team are head to head with the Doctor Couple on the puzzles.  Mom and son finish first on the puzzles.


Amazing Race Rio Pitstop

Tanner and Josh take first and win and Express Pass.  So nice to look at these too.

Tanner and Josh first

Back at the beach… the TMZ chicks chose Sand!! Oh no!  After seeing how hard it was for the super athletic people I am worried for them.  They quit.  The Doctors are still doing the puzzle. They finally finish just before the TMZ chicks arrive.

Oh no, now the dwarf cousins, Alex and Adam, are choosing sand!

Meanwhile, the Jersey stripper chicks finally get to the beach and hop out of the cab on the complete opposite end of where they should be.  They get really upset. One blames the other.

They finally get to the puzzle area and that is right when Justin and Diana show up. The Reporters quit the puzzle to head to the Sand challenge. TeamTMZ is still doing the puzzle.

Amazing race team tmz

The cousins and #theDancers Ernest and Jin are holding their own and scoring points at last.  Adam and Alex finish first. The Jersey chicks try volley and can’t hang at all so they quit.

The Dancers finish. All we have left are #teamTMZ and #teamCheerleaders on the puzzles. Looks like we may be here awhile.

Wow! The Cheerleaders finish before the TMZ chicks, they are going to get so much shit when they go back to work. #Shittalkers lol.

Amazing race team cheerleaders 2

#TeamTMZ is the first team eliminated!

Amazing race team tmz 2



1st – Tanner and Josh

2nd – Trackstars

3rd – Cindy & Rick

4th – Denise and James Earl

5th – Logan and Chris

6th – Adam and Alex

7th – Kelsey and Joey

8th – Ernest and Jin

9th – Justin and Diana


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