Survivor What’s The Beef? S31 Ep4

The Survivors come back from Tribal and Varner is so relieved that he didn’t get voted off, he says he dodged a bullet.  Abi-Marie has a beef with Woo for voting for her again.

Tasha and Woo start talking on the side and Abi Marie goes right up to Tasha to confront. She tells her that she does not like the fact that Tasha is talking secretively with someone that voted for her. Hilarious. I love it!

Survivor Sasha Woo

Survivor Sasha Abi Marie


Stephen and Jeremy are out looking for the idol. Jeremy already has it of course and he is playing it up well, Stephen has no idea. LOL, good!

Survivor Jeremy and Stephen look for Idol

Survivor Jeremy has Immunity idol

Reward Challenge

This is a one vs. one vs. one challenge. Only 1 person from each tribe will compete. They must go out to a float in the water and gather balls to catapult into a net on the beach.  Very exhausting this challenge is!  It is between Jeremy, Terry and Savage. They are exhausted.

Survivor Reward Challenge 1

It goes back and forth and Savage finally wins it.  They get bbq food to cook up at camp.  The team unity is at a high and they are pumped.  Savage feels this will give them momentum to win the next Immunity Challenge.

Survivor Reward Challenge angkor wins

Ta Keo

Kass is turning over a new leaf. She said she is playing differently this time around and is trying to win people over. Kelley sees Kass digging around and then making something she thinks it is an idol. Turns out is a birthday present for Kelley and a good luck charm. Whatevs.

Immunity Challenge

They must be blindfolded and have 1 caller for each team.  They must gather huge, heavy puzzle pieces and then they can solve it with blindfolds off. It is chaotic and irritating.

Survivor Immunity Challenge 2


Joe was the only listening to Kass so he gathered most of the pieces himself! #stud

Survivor Immunity Challenge 4

So many people got majorly jacked up too! It was painful to watch, WTF Survivor?  Not cool.

Survivor Immunity Challenge 3

In the end Bayon wins and Ta Keo takes second, this leaves Angkor in last and sends them back to Tribal Council yet again.

Survivor Immunity Challenge Bayon wins

Tribal Council

Somehow Abi Marie ends up calling the shots!  It is between Woo because he has always voted for her and Varner because he is not great in physical challenges.  Varner makes his case, he has been loyal to this alliance since day 1, loyal to Abi Marie. He is right.

Survivor Immunity Challenge Bayon wins

Woo brings up the fact that they need to win challenges and he can help them do that.

Survivor Tribal Council Angkor woo

In the end… I am totally shocked!  They voted off Varner!  I think that loyalty should be rewarded.  Boo.

Survivor Tribal Council Angkor Jeff varner voted off

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