Survivor: We Got a Rat S31 E3

Last episode we left off with Bayon really bonding and gelling and feeling the love.  Survivor couldn’t let THAT happen, of course, they bust ’em up! I feel bad for them, I was gonna start cheering for them.

“Drop your buffs”, Jeff says cheerfully.

Survivor Drop Your Buffs

Survivor Drop Your Buffs 2

The new Ta Keo: Keith, Kass, Joe, Ciera, Dietz, Kelley

Survivor New Tribes Ta Keo

The new Bayon: Jeremy, Monica, Wigleworth, That one dude, Kimmy, Spencer

Survivor Drop Your Buffs New Bayon Tribe

The newly formed third tribe, Angkor:  Woo, Savage, Peih-Gee, Varner, Tasha, Abi Marie.  This tribe has to start fresh with no food or shelter.

Survivor New Tribe Angkor

I think Abi is looking at Peih-Gee and Woo and thinking, “shit!”  They both want her out.

Once they get back to their camp, Jeremy goes looking for an idol and come up with a clue to the idol. Same with Kelley, he must retrieve it during the next Immunity Challenge.

Jeremy finds a clue

Speaking of Immunity Challenges:

Survivor 31 immunity challenge 3

Here we are at the next one, another obstacle course ending with a puzzle.

Survivor 31 immunity challenge puzzle

Bayon wins! But that celebration is cut short, suddenly Varner starts mouthing something to Wiglesworth. I don’t know what he is trying to say to her, not sure if she does either.

varner motions to wigglesworth

varner motions to wigglesworth 2

But wait, we aren’t the only ones who notice:

we got a rat sasha

Tasha sees it and jumps in front of Varner with her arms in the arm calling out, “we got a rat.” Wth!?  I don’t agree with this but IDk maybe I do, lol. What do you all think?  Varner is embarrassed as all hell.

He feels this is it for him, he feels like he will be next to go. The interesting thing here: 4 of these people are previous tribe mates, they have got to bond to get Savage and Tasha out. It’s an easy alliance.

tribal council s31 e3

Tasha is still going on about it and now I know why? She HAD to create something with the people or they would have gunned for her and Savage. She is pushing it hard. Wonder what will happen?   Wait!?!?  Abi Marie got people to go for Peih-Gee! She is the 3rd person voted off of Survivor Second Chance.

Survivor 31 PeihGee Voted off



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