Survivor: Survivor MacGyver S31 E2

Ok so from last week on Survivor we learned:

The old school way of doing Survivor is being friends, building a shelter and surviving, all first and foremost. The new way that Shirin, Spencer and Jeff Varner showed us is to f the rest of the stuff and start plotting!  Ugh. I don’t love it. Let’s see how well it works for them.

We start off this episode with Joe, wonderful Joe. Fire starter, fisherman, builder, and now…. a hammock maker.  They are calling him Survivor MacGyver. #Dream

survivor joe fishes

Then we have this ass, who says they will use Joe for all his good then chop him down. WhoTF is this db anyway?  I have a feeling I hated him before and therefore blocked him out. Apparently, his name is Stephen. What an ass.

Survivor S31 who is this guy o stephen

Over at Bayon they are genuinely bonding.  Savage is telling everyone how he met his wife and how much he loves her.  He gets choked up…

survivor varner talks about his wife

and so does everyone else…

survivor varner talks about his wife 2

Jeremy so much that he excuses himself and takes off into the brush. He reveals to the camera that Val is expecting and he should be with her and seeing her belly grow. OMG that is so freakin’ sweet!!  He does not want the tribe to know because he feels he will not be taken to the end. Smart move!

survivor jeremy misses wife val

Back at Camp Hate where everyone, loves to plot and fight…  Shirin and Peih-Gee were talking crap about Abi Marie and Abi Marie hears everything. She goes right up and confronts them. Shirin, who I am not liking so far this season, slithers off. She is trying to play both sides. Snake.

survivor abi marie confronts peih gee

After the fight Peih-Gee goes to the shelter and starts making fun of Abi Marie, almost EVERYONE is laughing with her.  I feel bad for Abi Marie…

survivor abi marie feels alone

And thankfully, so does Terry. He tells the camera that no human should be treated that way and left all alone. He goes to her.

Survivor S31 terry befriends abi marie

I like that. Such compassion no matter the circumstances. #TeamTerry is in effect. Bet Abi Marie feels the same way!  They become friends that night on the beach.

Survivor 31 night scene

After this confrontation Terry supports Abi Marie but so does Jeff and some others. Jeff doesn’t like the way Shirin and Spencer grabbed control, he is down to get rid of one them.  Abi Marie confronts Shirin for not being there for her and Shirin apologizes. Then Abi actually tells Shirin that everyone wants her and Spencer out! I wished she would not have told her.

Survivor Shirin scared

That sent them both scrambling to save their lives.  I guess the new school way just pisses people off sooner, why bother with it?  Bond, people!!

Immunity Challenge

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Obstacle course ending with a puzzle…

Survivor Immunity Challenge 3

It is interesting that Shirin and Spencer are the ones doing the puzzle at the end. They are both literally fighting to stay on the show.  They get it!

Survivor Immunity Challenge 4

But Jeff Probst says NOPE!!!  It’s wrong… then Ta Keo finishes:

Survivor Immunity Challenge 5

and they win!!!

Survivor Immunity Challenge Bayon wins

…And Shirin is the second person voted off of Survivor Second Chance. I don’t feel sorry for you this time. Bye Felicia.

Survivor Shirin voted off