Survivor: Second Chance Witches Coven S31 Ep9

This week we are sure to be in for a treat!  I love that Savage got the boot!

Coming off that huge blind-side, as soon as they get back Joe and Kimmy started chatting about how the 3 girls need to GO.  Somebody calls them the Witches Coven. I would just call them SMART.  I love all the scrambling that everyone starts to do, so FUN to watch.

Survivor Kimmy

Everyone also starts scrambling for an idol not only a strategy. They are looking high and low.

Survivor Looking for an idol

Reward Challenge

Survivor Reward Challenge

They split into 2 teams and 1 person has to sit out, Abi Maria does and I feel bad for her, for once. These girls are all growing on me.  The pink team DOMINATES, they win a Survivor Spa Day. Massages, delicious food and SHOWERS.  I imagine a shower feels pretty frickin amazing for them.

Survivor Reward

They don’t really talk to much strategy but Ciera drops a few doubts for their minds to ponder.  Hope she get through to someone.

Meanwhile, Jeremy takes off and starts looking for another idol.  He isn’t that happy that Savage left because Savage was a great cover for him.  He goes looking around the Tree Mail and thinks he should look under leaves since that is where he found the other clue. He is persistent an then, sure enough, he finds a clue to another idol! Daaaaang!  Way to go Jeremy!

Survivor Jeremy finds hidden immunity idol clue

He must go hike in the night to find a torch.  He finds it and loves it! He says it is Val’s Idol.  So sweet. I love how happy he is!  Makes me smile and not being cynical, that is powerful!

Survivor Jeremy finds hidden immunity idol

Stephen decides he is gonna make a move and he goes to talk to Ciera, Kelley, and Abi Marie. He tells them he wants to vote for Wiglesworth or Joe; Ciera tells them that they will vote for whomever he tells them to vote for.  Joe and Wiglesworth are chatting it up and are down with each other. Stephen calls it out and it is hilarious, he says that they share a ‘mutual arrogance’!  Pretty funny stuff! L O L

Survivor stephen plot Wigglesworth Joe

Immunity Challenge

During this challenge they must stand on a platform, in the sea, in torrential rain! It looks miserable! Jeff announces that he is offering an advantage to whoever can make a quick decision. He then takes a machete, chops a rope and all the buoys pop up out of the water.  Jump in after your buoy, be the first to touch it, win an advantage! Boom, Stephen jumps in and Spencer is right behind him.  Stephen wins the advantage.

Survivor immunity challenge


Survivor immunity challenge advantage Stephen

He won an extra vote, well, not extra per-se, he gets to steal a vote at Tribal! Nice!  That is seriously huge, H U G E.

Back to the challenge, Joe, Kelly and Abi Marie hold on for over 30 mins. They ultimately must balance on one foot and that pretty much ends it.  Joe wins.

Survivor immunity challenge 1

Tribal Council

The rain has not let up and these poor people are soaked, to the bone, soaked! It is still raining and they are freezing since it is now night. Funk that.

Survivor rainy tribal council

During Tribal Jeff talks about the core alliance and wonders if it will hold. He asks who is truly afraid of going home. Everybody raises their hands except, Keith, Kimmy, Wiglesworth, Spencer and Joe (Immunity). I find this seriously cocky. I hope it is one of the ones who didn’t raise their hands. Like Ronda Rousey last weekend. Love when people are humbled. We all need it sometime or another.

Survivor Tribal

Wenworth goes up to vote first, she is shaking it up and voting Wiglesworth.  Wonder if the others will follow.

survivor wenworth

I sure hope they go for it and don’t go for safe.

survivor wigglesworth

YES!  Wiglesworth is the 9th person voted off of Survivor!!  HA HA hahaha hee hee hahahaha! Check it out:

Survivor rainy tribal coucil wiggleworth voted off

Jeff says that the game playing is clearly evolving, he can’t wait to see what happens next! ME TOO JEFF, Me too!

Survivor rainy tribal council wiggleworth voted off tribe has spoken

This is shaping up to be the BEST Survivor ever!!!!