Survivor: Second Chance Villains Have More Fun S31 Ep12

This season is a doozey and I love it! You really never know what is going to happen. This week everyone is trying to nail down their alliance, figure out who are their villains and make the best move for themselves. Jeremy and Spencer are still in with each other but now they are starting to disagree on who should go next. It is getting down to the nitty gritty.

Jeremy and Spencer Survivor Second Chance

Reward Challenge

This is a challenge that Keith has done and won before. The reward is a trip to the temple ruins where they started their journey at the beginning of this season.


Survivor Second Chance Reward Challenge

Keith dominates right away. Jeremy ends up kind of close, but no cigar. Keith wins Reward. He must choose two people, he takes Kelley and Spencer. He was trying to explain why he chose them but the poor dude is exhausted, he stumbles along and even forgets Tasha’s name.

Survivor Second Chance Reward Challenge Keith Wins

Back at camp, Jeremy, Tasha and Abi are hanging around the shelter. Tasha asks Abi if she would mind giving them a minute and Abi basically will not leave. She tells them she is down with them but they aren’t biting. Tasha says she does not want to be rushed.  They decide to wait.

Survivor Second Chance Abi Tasha Jeremy

At the Reward, Keith and company are treated to a blessing and then some entertainment, they are in awe, Keith is choked up.

Survivor Second Chance Reward

Then they get to eat some delicious looking Italian food complete with wine. Yum.

Survivor Reward Keith Kelley Spencer

Jeremy and Tasha get a chance to chat finally. They are still worried about this woman’s alliance, they are gunning for Abi.

Survivor Tasha Jeremy

Call me crazy but there is no way I would be ok with my man chilling on a hammock with another woman! Especially Tasha, she is gorgeous and she has a rockin’ body. But I know Val isn’t that petty so… moving on.  🙂

Immunity Challenge

This is a water challenge, they must go out and collect a key that will open a box with a puzzle that they must solve. Jeremy leads but Spencer beats him in the end with the puzzle. Jeff says that he is faster than anyone on the crew.  He is clearly impressed. Spencer wins Immunity.

Survivor Second Chance Survivor Challenge

During this challenge, Tasha gets exhausted and can’t swim anymore, she starts going under! She takes on a lot of water and yells for help. It is pretty scary!! They rescue her and she throws up a ton of water.

Survivor SEcond Chance immunity Challenge tasha drowning

She recovers and the rest of the day she is wiped. Mentally and physically.  Although, she still tries to play the game. Her and Jeremy are trying to nail down Spencer to vote for Abi. Kelley and Abi think Spencer is voting for Tasha or Jeremy along with them.  It’s hard to tell who he is going to with.  He wants to be sitting next to the ‘Dreamboats’ that are Keith, Kelley and Abi. He thinks no one on the jury will vote for them.

Survivor Second Chance Strategies

Tribal Council

Survivor Tribal Council

It’s hard to tell what is going to go down but in the end. Spencer votes with Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi and they vote Abi off.  She is shocked, later she says that every TC she thought she was going home and tonight, for once, she felt safe.  She says they truly blindsided her.

Spencer stays true.

Survivor Second Chance Tribal Council Abi off

Wenworth wonders…. what the hell happened?