Survivor: Second Chance Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart S31 Ep11

This week the women are talking about making a women’s alliance. Would be pretty smart at this point for sure. Kimmi is open to it and she discusses that at the start of the show. Jeremy and Spencer are trying to keep everything status quo.

Kimmi Survivor Second Chance

Cue the tears, grab the tissue. It is the Survivor Family Visit episode!

Survivor Second Chance Family Visits

When Jeremy hugs Val, she tells him that they are going to have a boy! He is crying, it is so sweet! Spencer’s girlfriend is there, Tasha’s cousin, and Joe’s dad. Jeff says that Joe had a premonition as a boy that he would be on Survivor and his Dad would be there on a visit. It didn’t happen with Joe’s first go round on Survivor, but it happens now. Joe tells his dad that he made his dream come true. #tearsrunningdownmyface

Survivor Second Chance Family Visits 2

Abi tells her mom that she is her best friend, Kimmy goes screaming and crying, running yelling, “Daddy, my Daddy.”  Jeez Louise I am mess with this episode!  Keith’s wife shows up too.

Reward Challenge

They are playing with their family members, the reward is a good old-fashioned American BBQ. They are pumped.

In this challenge they must must collect a series of puzzle pieces inside of bags that are buried and tied up along a short obstacle course. They must use the pieces to form a word.

Survivor Second Chance Family Visit Reward BBQ

Kimmi is off to an amazing start, beating everyone. However, she struggles on the balance beam and never recovers. It is down to all the others. Abi starts forming her word but she is wrong, Wentworth gets hers together and is right! Her dad proudly screams with excitement, right on!

Survivor Second Chance Family Visit Wentworth wins

Wentworth gets to choose 3 people to join the BBQ, then a fourth! She takes everyone but Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer. They aren’t too surprised and they aren’t mad either. At the BBQ everyone is bonding very nicely.  Joe’s dad takes the opportunity to tell Joe that he has never had a friend like Joe and how awesome of a man Joe is, Joe is deeply touched. #Iamsobbing

Survivor Second Chance Family Visits Joes Dad

They talk about strategy and who to vote for, Tasha tells them about a pending women’s alliance.

Survivor Second Chance Tasha Joe Jeremy Spencer

She doesn’t want them to hear it from someone else and in turn, doubt her loyalty. They are trying to decide whether to vote off Joe or Abi.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff pulls out a twist, it is time for duel Immunity Idols, one for the women and one for the men.

They must balance an idol on a stand, every 5 minutes they must add another part to the stand. It starts off short and goes up quickly.

Kelley wins quickly on the women’s side.

It is down to Joe and Keith. They all want Joe to fail, it makes me sad for him.  He holds on and holds on until he literally collapses.  He is totally knocked out, unconscious!  Medics come in and realize his blood sugar is super low.

Survivor Second Immunity Joe collapses

After some TLC he gets up, joins the others.  Kelley wins the women’s idol and Keith wins the men’s.

Survivor Second Chance Immunity

Tribal Council

It’s a toss up at this point. They can either get the biggest threat off (Joe) or they can move to kill a pending women’s alliance (Abi). The votes start to get read, Joe, Abi, Tasha… TASHA?  Who in the world wrote that name down? This makes no sense to me at all. What the what?  *&%! Joe is voted the 12th person off of Survivor Second Chance and he is genuinely surprised. I think he trusted Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha.

Survivor Second Chance Tribal Council

Wentworth is hilarious with her faces to the Jury, they are loving what just happened. Not Savage though, at least I don’t think so.

Survivor Second Chance Tribal Council Wentworth happy

Survivor Joe 12th Voted off

Joe is gone, but he is still totally strong, hot, beautiful and wonderful!

Survivor 31 Joe