Survivor: Second Chance Like Selling Your Soul To The Devil/My Wheels Are Spinning S31 Ep10

Back to Cambodia, back to the rain. These poor people! I think rain is probably the worst while on Survivor. You get wet, can’t get dry, ever, and then you are freezing to your soul. Plus, getting pelted with torrential rain is no walk in the park. Movies always romanticize rain, I even think fondly of thoughts of playing in the rain, dancing in the rain, you name it. Then whenever I am stuck in the rain, I freakin’ hate it so bad. The Survivors feet are all raw and swollen, so nasty looking too.
Survivor Cambodia Raining

Keith even says that people ask him if Survivor is fun.  Fun?!  He says a cruise is fun, not Survivor. He is there for a million bucks. Period.  Poor Stephen wakes in the middle of the night completely miserable with stomach issues. He is in super-bad shape. Hardest time of his life, he later reveals.

Survivor Cambodia Raining Stephen sick

I am telling you I don’t think I have ever felt so bad for the Survivors.

Reward Challenge

They are playing for a chance to get dry, eat good food and watch some local entertainment. At this point, I think the chance to get dry would have been enough incentive for all of them to kick butt. They all play hard core.  Joe is throwing chicks around, Sasha is dragging Kimmy in the water, Kimmy does not want to give up.

Survivor Cambodia Reward Challenge

In the end Joe, Abi Maria, Ciera, Sasha, and Spencer win and head out. I am heartbroken for the other team.

Survivor Cambodia Reward 2

While on reward, Ciera tries to talk strategy but I am not sure anyone is listening. Wish they would, time for another huge move.

Immunity Challenge

Speaking of huge things… Jeff is offering something before the next Immunity Challenge. I don’t think I have ever seen this happen. When they arrive he makes them take 2 marbles, 1 black, 1 white.

Survivor Cambodia Twist for a new shelter

He tells them that if 5 people will sit out of this Immunity Challenge he will give them a water-proof shelter and a new fire.  They must choose and reveal their choice with their marble.  Joe and Keith are the only ones who choose to participate in the Challenge. Joe says if he doesn’t win he is going to be voted off.  Keith says he is a competitor and he figured Joe would do the challenge. It’s a heart and soul effort for Keith, but no cigar. Joe wins yet another Immunity. Survivor Cambodia Immunity Challenge

I know I sound excited right?  See I’m not, I was cheering for Joe in the beginning, but that is so boring and predictable. I like it better when things get all crazy and the underdogs take over. Sorry Joe. Although, I am not quite sure who I am a cheering for yet.  Some of my faves would be Wentworth, Jeremy, and … hmmm IDK. I like them all, I don’t dislike any of them, which is a surprise.

Back at camp they are talking about who to get rid of. Ciera brought up the idea to blindside Stephen and most people were ok with that. Spencer tells Joe and Jeremy. Joe is totally down because he knows Stephen has been wanting to get rid of him since the get go.

Survivor Cambodia Jeremy Joe

Tribal Council

At Tribal they are talking about voting blocks and how things can shift so quickly.  They vote and when Jeff asks if anyone has an idol they want to play…. Jeremy speaks up! I was thinking, “is Jeremy scared he might get voted off? This is weird!” Then he says he is giving it to Fishback!  Fishback is SHOCKED, totally, everyone is. The votes are read and almost everyone voted for Fishback. The remaining votes were for Ciera. Ciera is voted off. Another shocking Tribal!

Survivor Cambodia jeremy saves fishback

Can you say TWO HOUR Episode?

Part 2

Back at camp, Stephen tells Jeremy that he is so appreciative and that he will back Jeremy the whole way.  Stephen is thrilled, Spencer is not.  Now Spencer is suspicious of Jeremy because he saved Stephen and didn’t tell anyone he was going to do that, mainly him.  Hmmm….

The next Reward Challenge is a listening comprehension game. Jeff tells them a story of Cambodia’s history and they must run thru the jungle, answer a series of questions scattered throughout and then return to their station to see if they chose each one correctly. Spencer is about to win but gets his last one wrong, Stephen gets his and he is correct, he wins Reward.

Survivor Cambodia reward challenge pt 2

During this challenge, Kelly chose a wrong answer and inside was a CLUE to a hidden Immunity Idol!!!

Wentworth Gets Idol Clue

Stephen got to choose 2 people to join him, so of course, one was Jeremy. He also took Sasha.

Survivor Cambodia reward stephen tasha jeremy

I would so jump in that pool^.  I was thinking though, I bet getting wet is the last thing these players want.  Meanwhile, back at camp, Kelly is waiting for Abi-Maria to GTFO of the shelter so she can grab the idol that is under their bed. Finally, Abi Maria goes to the hammock to chill… Kelly sneaks under and snags it just in time, everyone seems to be heading back at that moment. Phew, she made it, she has it!

Survivor Cambodia wentworth finds another immunity idol

Immunity Challenge

This challenge looks so painful! The players must stack blocks with their feet. Joe does pretty good but his falls a couple of times.  This allows Spencer to pass him and win.

Survivor Cambodia Spencer wins Immunity

At Tribal Council, they finally get Fishback voted off, they do not vote Joe. Stephen is voted off. You had a nice run bro, you should be proud of yourself!

Survivor Cambodia Fishback Voted off

Getting good people!! Who do you think will win?

Stayed tuned…