Survivor Russian Roulette S30 E11

We start off with Sierra, Tyler and Dan talking about how Mike is getting a little crazy, they call it “passionate.”  Dan says, in his confessional, that he has plans and he is sticking to them.  He goes to Shirine who is very sad, sitting by the fire.  I feel for her.  I am cheering for her.  I like her best out of all those who are left.

Ok folks I am crying.  Dan is very sincere in telling her that he is sorry that happened to her at tribal.  I like him too now.  These are my picks.  Power team.  Kick the rest of these a-holes asses.

dan comforts shirine Russian Roulette

OH MY GOD. NO, I am WRONG!!!  In his next confessional, Dan goes off on her. Calls her a drama queen and says this is all karma.  Oh my God, Oh my God. He had me fooled.  He does not like her.  He wants her off.  She trusts him too, I think.

Reward Challenge

Two teams, they must travel across a course using barrels, ropes and planks.  They cannot touch the ground. They are playing for a river boat ride with cheeseburgers  and bacon. BACON!!

Ummm.. this looks totes crazy:

Survivor Reward challenge

They have two very different approaches.

Blue keeps trying every fast way, short cut.

Sierra Rodney Reward Challenge

Slow and steady red wins the race.

Survivor Red Wins

Carolyn is so happy because she knows they need to reign in Dan and make him feel comfortable.


Survivor Reward challenge cheeseburgers

Back at Camp

Rodney and Sierra are talking strategy. Sierra is telling him that Tyler will get the votes from the jury if they let him get there.  Rodney, in his confessional, is so cocky though.  He feels that HE has the relationships to win the jury. This is going to come back and bite him, watch.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff is talking about Immunity when all of the sudden he pulls out a second one for the women!  2 Immunity Idols up for grabs.

Survivor Immunity Ladies Idol

Players must hold a pulley with 25% of their starting body weight.  Once they let go, it releases a bucket of water on them and the are out. Tyler goes and then Dan. Shirine is out, Carolyn wins individual immunity.  It is down to Mike and Rodney.  They are both holding on tight.  Rodney finally gives out. Mike wins his second immunity.

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Back at Camp

Carolyn is explaining strategy in her confessional.  They are gunning for Shirine on the women’s side.

They look to be going for Mike. Mike is sad because he feels like Dan is betraying him.

Tribal Council

Jeff brings up Shirine being treated horribly and she talks about being brought up in an abuse family. Then get this, Dan compares it to being adopted! But Dan wasn’t abused, not the same.

Shirine guns for Tyler, exposing how safe he is.  Mike joins in. Dan says they are just desperate.  Then Mike pulls an idol out and says he is giving it to Shirine. So that means Sierra will be the only left to vote for. Mike has immunity so it’s between Tyler, Rodney, Dan and Will. Shirine says she is voting for Tyler.  So this is Survivor ‘Russian Roulette’. Here we go!

When it comes time, Mike does NOT play his idol!

Jeff starts calling em’ out, pretty soon it is:

2 votes Shirine

2 votes Tyler

2 votes Dan

Last vote…Shirine is out.  Why didn’t Mike play it??

Jeff says he doesn’t think he has ever been this confused after a vote.  Interesting.

Survivor Tribal

Until next week people!