Survivor: Play To Win S31 Ep7

Savage is sad Survivor

We’ve seen Survivors play to lose plenty of times, who will learn to play to win? This week we open to Savage being all sad and pissed off that the tribe went against and voted off Woo instead of Spencer. Lol. Serves him right, when you get too cocky in this game, it’s usually time for you to be humbled.

This morning both tribes receive mail telling them they are going to be in one camp, must be time for a merge.  Yep, it is…

Survivor tribes merge 2

This is the most amount of people they have in a merge, ever.

Savage is thrilled, thrilled. He has a second wind. Everyone starts to realize that this is going to be complicated.  They all start strategizing and plotting. Survivor Savage talks to Jeremy

Survivor Kelly Spencer

Survivor Joe Spencer

Then they all get rained in together, looks soooooooo b o r i n g  and miserable…

Survivor Rained in

Stephen recites poetry.  Kass tries to talk to Tasha but she ain’t having none of it, she is just saying whatever. She does not trust Kass. Kass calls her out for being that way and Tasha tells her straight up. Then Kass declares war and draws a line in the sand. Survivor Kass

She gets up and goes to stir things up for Tasha and her Bayon alliance. Kass is way too confident at this point, she thinks she is running the show, she better be careful!

Survivor Strategies 2

While Kass is stirring shit up, Ciera uses it as an opportunity to bring up trusting others. Ciera calls out Savage and Savage takes exception, he doesn’t like it at all.

Survivor Ciera talking about Savage

Now he is gunning for Ciera.  Kass is gunning for Tasha, Tasha for Kass. It is crazy to have them all together so soon, I love it!

The First Immunity Challenge

Individual Immunity Idol

They must balance a ball on a paddle with a skinny stick all while standing on a balance beam. Tasha, Spencer and Kass have done this challenge before.

Immunity Challenge Joe Spencer

It comes down to Joe and Spencer.  And … of course, Joe takes it! Yay!

Joe Wins Immunity

Tribal Council

The biggest Tribal Council ever…

Survivor Tribal Council

It’s Kass, Tasha and Ciera on the chopping block.  Tasha and Kass have it out one more time.

Survivor Tribal Council kass tasha

Who will they choose?  I vote Kass she is way too cocky.

Kass voted off

Yay. Bye Kass.

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