Survivor My Word Is My Bond S30 E13

Six people left!

They are back at camp and most people are still not with Mike.  Carolyn however, seems like she might align with Mike now. They start talking, she is all happy about being on both sides.  She is setting up so that she is aligned with him unless he loses the Immunity challenge, then she will stick with her original alliance.

Reward Challenge

They will win a helicopter ride and a feast with wine. Jeff brings up the fact that Rodney is the only person who has not been on a reward. Rodney starts bitching, brings up that nobody let him have their reward on his birthday, blah, blah, blah. STFU.

Jeff basically calls it out, it is a REWARD, you EARN it.  Mike agrees, he tells Rodney, if you want to the reward then WIN!

Red Team – Carolyn, Will, and Mike

Blue Team – Rodney, Sierra, and Dan

They must unscramble letters to make a phrase. It looks hard and it is hard, after an hour, Jeff starts throwing out clues.  Rodney is listening and asks Sierra what Jeff is saying and she says she is not listening.  Carolyn on the other hand is listening…

Carolyn wins Reward

They get it. It clicks.

Reward with all the fixins

They win! Jeff asks is she wants to give her reward to Rodney. She does not.


Survivor Rewards Carolyn Mike Will

They eat a big ole surf and turf dinner. They are all getting along great and are talking final three. I like it.  I hope they go for it and keep their words.

Back at Camp

Rodney is talking about getting rid of Carolyn because she didn’t give her reward up. What an asshole. FU Rodney.

Immunity Challenge

Haha Aholes, Mike won.  I dislike the others so much that they have MADE me appreciate Mike.  He wins.

MIke Immunity Challenge

Back at Camp

They are gunning for Carolyn, at least to Dan’s face. Then they say Dan. Mike wants to keep just because they want him gone next, lol!

He goes to Dan and Dan is incredulous. He thinks there is no way he is going home. Maybe it’s true, maybe they are going for Carolyn.

Mike tells Sierra and Carolyn they are going to vote for one of them.  We will see if Carolyn believes it.

Mike Carolyn Sierra

Tribal Council

They all talk about not feeling safe, but Dan ultimately uses the extra vote he won in the auction. Then he is happy and relieved. Rodney, Sierra and Will are all happy too….They are ready to throw a party. They are besides themselves and thrilled with their plot. Look:

Dan Plays Extra vote Survivor

Carolyn is so upset she knows they are going to vote for her.  So she … reached over and pulls out that White Collar Immunity Idol she found long ago NONE OF THESE people knew she had it the whole time!!  LOOK:

carolyn plays hidden immunity idol

I loved it!  Look at Carolyn:

Carolyn Survivor Thrilled

The Jury was happy too:

Survivor Jury


Dan is voted off

Until next week… looks like they raz Carolyn about keeping the Idol secret. Well DUH, look at you vultures! It always amazes me when this happens and the others get mad at the one they were gunning for.  Ha ha ha ha.

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