Survivor It’s a Fickle, Fickle Game S30 E14 Season Finale


Here we go, this is it!

When they get back from the Tribal council that they tried to vote Carolyn off, they start harrassing her about having an idol and keeping it a secret. Whatevs, she obviously needed to keep it a secret. Later, they are all buddies again. Carolyn is sticking with everyone else and they are still gunning for Mike. I am officially cheering for Mike now.

Reward Challenge

Family Time! Of course! Cue the tears.

Very touching.  Carolyn’s husband, Mike’s Mom, Sierra’s Dad, Rodney’s Dad and Will’s wife all make appearances.

Once Will sees his wife, he smacks her ass and he is READY to kick ass! He’s pumped.

survivor reward family time

They have to make hockey type goals on a table top with tiles. Then they carry the tiles across balance beams and teeter totters. Mike is kicking ass and Will is right behind him. Will is moving faster than we have ever seen him.  All for his wife, so sweet. But poor guy keeps falling on one of the narrow beams.  One time he falls hard.  Mike continues to kick ass. Woohoo. When he wins he runs straight to his Mama and hugs her and kisses her. It’s very, very sweet!  Then he says, “Come on, Mama.”  *tears

survivor family reward

survivor mike mom

His Mom gets to hang out at camp and spend the night. The next morning he gets to go early with his Mom to get an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.

The next morning Mike and his Mom head to the challenge and he gets to feel around a maze blindfolded.  His Mom can guide him to help him.  They have 30 minutes. They do not accomplish much but I don’t really know how you could.  I need to think about this.

Immunity Challenge

Mike Wins Immunity for the FOURTH time in a row! The 4 aligned have to turn on each other. Carolyn and Sierra are talking to Mike and telling they want him in the final three with them.

mike wins immunity 5x

They are ready to vote for Rodney.

Mike goes and tells Rodney and Rodney straight up says that Mike should align with him because come Jury time, nobody likes Rodney.  Sierra hasn’t done anything to make people mad.

Tribal Council

Who knows… ok then, Sierra is out much to her and Carolyn’s surprise. Rodney, Carolyn, Mike and Will are left. They will have another Immunity Challenge in the morning.

survivor final 4 s30

Immunity Challenge

It is composed of knots, stairs, obstacle courses, water slides and ends with a puzzle.  Mike kicks ass right out of the gate. Rodney is slow to start but then catches right up. Carolyn holds her own too.  Once they get to the puzzle Rodney fizzles out, Mike goes and goes and goes. Carolyn is right behind him but it is not good enough! Mike wins his sixth immunity!!

survivor immunity

mike wins 6th immunity

Mike is talking like he is going to keep Carolyn but like Will says, you don’t want to take Mama to the final.  Didn’t he watch Tina and Colby?!?!

 Tribal Council

Rodney votes for Carolyn, Carolyn votes for Rodney.  Will votes for Carolyn and Mike votes for …..

Rodney! Haha!  Look at the faces!

survivor fire challenge

They are going to do a Fire Making Challenge to see who gets to stay.

After an hour Rodney gets his flames going but  Carolyn gets hers right after. Rodney builds his like an idiot, Carolyn builds hers wisely. Yay! BYE Rodney, F U.  Jeff tried to act all touched about Rodney’s confessional about being a changed man. Fine whatever, I get it. Moving on…

Final Tribal Council

The Jury gets to ask the questions now! Joe says that Will needs to man up, Carolyn needs to explain herself and Mike needs to let everyone know what he did besides win 5 idols.

Rodney is still mad at Mama C and claiming he’s all for Will. Tyler gets up and calls Mike out for being paranoid and freakish.  Mike says he didn’t want to fail at the social aspect.

Jenn gets up and frickin ROCKS it!!  She doesn’t address the three remaining, she turns to the Jury and tells them they are a bunch of sore losers who are just bitter and angry that Mike played the game.  Amen, sista!

survivor jenn tells the jury off

Dan gets up and talks out of his ass, F U Dan.  Screw off.  Mike actually responds and apologizes for betraying Dan’s trust at the auction.  But hey, he played the game for a minute, then he even changed his mind.

Time to Vote

survivor final 3

I am going for Mike or Carolyn.

First Vote: Mike





Mike. WAIT WHAT?!?!??!

I thought for sure Carolyn was going to get the votes. Right on!  I like Carolyn and the way she played but right on Mike!

survivor mike wins

mike wins survivor s30