Survivor Holding On for Dear Life S30 E12

Tribal Council

Remember last week, Mike shook things up and exposed that Dan was not in the majority alliance. Now back at camp after Tribal, Dan starts calling people out.  Mike is cracking up.  Me too.  Now I am cheering for Mike.  To heck with the rest.

Survivor Camp

Reward Challenge

They get to deliver toys, sports equipment and bikes to local village orphange children!!  Yay! So fun.  I love it! They get to do something positive in life for the show.

Survivor Reward Orpans

They also get to eat some chicken and steak.

Blue – Tyler, Dan, Rodney    Red – Carolyn, Sierra, Mike   —Will has to sit out.

They have to navigate an obstacle course, retrieve a bag of balls, go through more obstacles and launch the balls in baskets.  They are pretty much neck and neck until Rodney gets through and has no balls to launch.  He forgot the balls! He has to go back through, get them and do the obstacles again!  This puts Mike’s team in the lead.

Rodney forgets balls

But wait, Rodney catches up, Dan kicks butt on launching and they are neck and neck again!

Red wins.  Rodney is so upset! I didn’t mention but earlier, before the challenge, he guaranteed a win.  He throws out that it is his birthday so this is the worst birthday ever.  Jeff asks the winners if anyone of them feel for Rodney and want to give up their spot.  Ummmm… no. He is pissed, he says it’s his ‘damn birthday’.  Uh oh, flashbacks of Stassi on PumpRules.  I mean I get it, it’s your birthday, but it really is only a big deal for you and your Mom, let’s be real.

Survivor Rodney baby

Rodney says they unleashed a monster now.  *Rolling my eyes  Does he realize he is the one who forgot the bag of balls?

Reward Challenge 

They arrive and all the orphans come running out and are so happy!  Carolyn plays volleyball with them, Mike plays soccer with older boys and Sierra is telling some very interested, sweet girls that she is a Cowgirl.  This is all very sweet, making me misty-eyed.  NOW seriously, the FOOD, the FOOD, looks sooooo yummy!

Sierra Survivor Orphans

Mike Survivor Orphans

Survivor Reward Carne

Survivor Reward

Back at Camp

Rodney is going on and on and on and on about how miserable his birthday is. Blah, blah, blah.

Rodney baby

Like Carolyn told Mike and Sierra, “how it is a terrible birthday for God’s sake you are on Survivor!” Exactly.  Mike said that it is a special day for Rodney but this is also a special day for them.  True.

All of the sudden, Rodney comes up with some crazy plot. He is going to act like he has lost his mind and wants to be voted off. He is ranting and raving and plotting. He really has lost his mind and each of the guys look at him like he is off his rocker:

Survivor Rodney Crazy

Then they each proceed to say so in their confessional.

Everybody Back Together

They are all back together eating dinner in the dark, in the rain. YUCK.  Rodney is still going off only now on Carolyn.

Tyler and Carolyn and she tells him he needs Immunity since Mike will vote for either him or Dan. He brings up the White Collar Idol they have but she is very vague about whether she will play it or not.

Immunity Challenge

They must hold on to ropes while leaning backwards off of a dock. As time goes on the have to move further down the rope.  Just look:

Survivor Immunity ropes

I think Carolyn will win, she has a strong core and always seems to kick ass on the types of challenges. Rodney starts going off about his birthday!  During the challenge. He still playing up his story too.  Still rolling my eyes. F’n dude won’t stop.

Will is first out, then Dan.  Sierra drops, Rodney drops.  They must move down a knot. This is gonna be hard!  Mike is gone, now it’s just Carolyn and Tyler.

Survivor Ropes Immunity

Tyler glances at Carolyn and see that she is not budging. He lets go.  Carolyn wins!

Carolyn wins immunity

Back at Camp

The usual planning strategies starts. They are saying they will split the vote to get Mike’s idol out. Tyler and Will are thinking Dan since Mike has an idol.

Tribal Council

Survivor Tribal

Mike is so giddy, he loves the fact, and says so, that one of ‘the six’ is going home tonight. The jury is happy too!

Survivor Jury happy

They say they have to think about what Dan’s advantage might be but they don’t know.

Time to tally the votes, before Jeff reads them, Mike plays the Immunity Idol.


1. Mike – it does not count

2. Mike – it does not count

3. Mike – it does not count

At this point I have to share his smile, I don’t think I have ever seen it so big:

Mike Happy Immunity

4. Mike – it does not count

5. Tyler

6. Tyler – Voted off

Look at Carolyn’s face, she must have voted for Tyler!

Carolyn voted Tyler

Jeff says with the way the voting is going lately, it is obvious, that they are bringing the weak to the end. So true!

Until next week!