Survivor Crazy is as Crazy Does S30 E3

We open with their chat after tribal. No collars voted Vince out, kind of by accident.  Now they want to know why Will betrayed them.  Matt says he doesn’t trust Will now.  I am so glad Vince is gone!

Nina – omg – saying I know I am next out.  She needs to shut up.  Shut up.  They are going to vote you off if you play this part!

Monkey sex.  Shirin is out and about by herself and starts imitating some howler monkeys she sees.  What in the world?  This isn’t the zoo lady. Next thing you know they (the monkeys) start copulating and she watches the entire thing and runs back to camp way too excited.  The people at camp are not impressed, she is getting on their nerves.  Big time.  First her nudity, now her fascination with monkey sex.

Meanwhile over at Blue Collar, Dan and Rodney are bantering and the next thing you know, Dan calls Rodneys mom a whore?!  Ummm….

Them’s fighting words and Rodney thinks as much, but he controls himself.  Dan has a target on him the size of Texas.

Joe is giving Nina a pep talk.

The white collars are searching for the idol.  Shirin gets tired and wants to call a truce. Joaquin calls her out and I am glad. She is so annoying. She is starting to get on everyone’s nerves.  Joaquin and Tyler are working away from camp and Joaquin shows him his clue to the idol.  Tyler likes that Joaquin trusts him and they end up bonding.  He speculates, in his confessional, that if they were to lose the next challenge Shirin would be sent home. Wonder if he is thinking of throwing it.

Blue collars, they are not living up to their name!  Mike is calling them all out as being lazy, we get several shots of them just laying around.  He asks Rodney to help with wood and Rodney says he will, “yeah, once I eat bro”.  They are all insisting that they will work, just not in his time.  Rodneys is all fired up and acting like a Roid-Rager.


Atheist chick then goes off on him and says talk crap about God.  Ugly-ness lil chica.  Way off base, way offensive. I bet she would never tell a Muslim something about mohammed or a Buddhist about Buddha.   She is nasty business.

Immunity Challenge

1. Blue collar

2. White collar

3. No collar I think we can assume and now they are confirming, Nina is going home.  Nina is going to try to get them to vote Will out. Strangely Joe chose to not let Nina really participate in the challenge, which really hurt them.


Jeff brings up last week and the betrayal in voting Vince off. Will explained why he turned on Vince and I see why.  Now it’s Joe’s to explain his horrible call in leaving Nina out of the challenge.  Ultimately Nina’s personality gets her votes off.  She is too weak and weepy.  I agree.  She needed to buck up when they would all pep talk her, but she didn’t.

Until next week…


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