Survivor: You Call, We’ll Haul S31 Ep8

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!  This could be my most favorite Survivor episode of ALL TIME!!!

Reward Challenge

The Tribe is split into 2 teams, they must boat out, collect puzzle pieces, finish puzzle.  Sounds easy but it was super tiring for the tribe.

survivor reward challenge

The reward is a visit to the Survivor cafe!  They get coffee, juice, bagels, croissants, lox, fruit and more. Yummy.  No real time to strategize, they just enjoy.  Keith even drives them around on a tuk-tuk or something like that.

survivor reward challenge survivor cafe

When everyone is back together, it is game-on. Everyone is strategizing.  Stephen wants Joe out and tells people. Savage goes right to Joe to tell him. Joe then goes to the girls that are not in the alliance and said they were gunning for Stephen. This makes the girls very happy!

Joe agrees to vote off Stephen

Savage goes to the alliance and tells them, they seem on board.

Savage and Jeremy plot against ciera and kelleyEveryone except Jeremy. Jeremy insists the girls are dangerous and that they need to go. Savage can’t stand the girls so he agrees. Savage mentions how he is a lawyer and he is used to getting what he wants. That didn’t happen and he is disappointed.  Now he has to go tell Joe and Joe tells the girls that they are not going for Stephen anymore.  Ciera is like WTF?  She calls them out, good! In her confessional, she says that they need to grow a pair and start making moves. They are trying to play nice but they are being controlled by just a few peeps. She is right!

Ciera calls alliance out

Time to go to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks Ciera about the game and the alliance. She totes calls ALL these people out for letting four people be in charge. The four looked shocked, lol.  She calls out Savage, Jeremy, Tasha and the fourth is a debate between Stephen and Joe.  Stephen wonders which one it is.

survivor Ciera calls out the four

When they respond, Ciera makes the funniest faces!

Survivor Ciera Tribal faces

The girls are pretty much told it is one of them during the discussion so when it is time to vote…

survivor kelley plays immunity idol

LOVE the faces!!!  LOVE IT!  Everyone is gasping making comments under the breath.  It is a classic Survivor moment!!

survivor kelley plays immunity idol 2

Kelley proceeds to get 8 votes in a row … NONE OF THEM COUNT.  Then Jeff pulls out another name:

survivor savage voted off


survivor savage voted off 2

As he is leaving Abi-Marie tells him, “at least you made it to the jury!” He turns around and flips her off! Hilarious!!! I love that he is so mad, so funny! Everyone is laughing their asses off.
LOVE it!

It is with pleasure that I say that Savage is the 8th person voted off of Survivor!