Survivor: Bunking with the Devil S31 Ep6

Ta Keo

Terry Dietz goes home

This week Jeff starts off by arriving at Terry’s camp in the middle of the night. Terry’s son is in the hospital and they need him to come home. That would be so hard! Poor guy!

Drop Your Buffs

Drop your buffs Survivor

They are getting rid of Angkor and drawing for new tribemates. This is the new Ta Keo (Kass, Woo, Ciera, Savage, Abi Marie, Spencer, Wiglesworth:

Survivor new Ta Keo

And then new Bayon (Jeremy, Kimmy, Keith, Kelly, Joe, Tasha, Stephen):

Survivor new Bayon

They all seem pretty stoked, except Kass already takes a hit at Spencer. They are on to the Reward Challenge. They are playing for a picnic with fried chicken, mac n cheese and brownies!

Survivor Reward Challenge

Bayon starts off strong but in the end, Wiglesworth wins it for Ta Keo.

Ta Keo

Savage is really confident and boasting to the camera how safe and secure he is. Hmmm, that is usually when people get humbled in this game. We shall see…

Reward Picnic Ta Keo

Reward Picnic Ta Keo 2

Immunity Challenge

Here it is the nastiest Survivor challenge ever, eating nasty shit, devil food.

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Sick. I don’t want to go into details. Bayon wins.  It’s nasty business.

Ta Keo

Savage starts talking to Kass on the side about how he will vote for Spencer too and that’s who he will tell everyone to vote for. In a small group they gather and Savage tells them all that they will pretend to vote Ciera but really be voting for Spencer.

Ta Keo alliance

Ciera doesn’t like this one bit and neither would I!  She starts talking with Kass and Abi Marie and they all think it is BS that Savage is trying to take charge and tell them what to do.

Survivor Ciera plots Kass Abi Marie

They decide to go for Woo and a blindside. Kass stays undecided until the get to Tribal…

Survivor Tribal Council walk

Another huge blindside – look at the faces!

Survivor tribal council ta keo

Woo is the 6th person voted off of Survivor Second Chance.  I feel bad for him I wish they would have gunned for Savage. But they stayed true to Bayon.

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