Survivor: A Snake in the Grass S31 Ep5


We open to Woo being grateful for not being voted off in episode 4.  He should be very grateful.


Kimmy Monica clam hunting

Kimmy and Monica are in the ocean looking for food. Kimmy is picking up every clam and crab she sees and Monica does not like it. She thinks that they should not ‘deplete’ the supply so fast.

Kimmy does not agree.  She lets Wiglesworth know also.

Survivor Kimmy Kelly Monica beach

She is still pissed about it…

Survivor Kimmy mad at Monica 2

Reward Challenge

Today they are playing for comforts, chairs, hammocks, fruits, blankets and more. Looks like an amazing spread.  Ta Keo wins this challenge and Angkor takes second.

Survivor Reward Challenge


They are down.  Jeremy and Spencer decide to go fishing to lift spirits and get food. Spencer talks about bonding with Jeremy.

Survivor Spencer Jeremy fishing

He also talks of how he has finally come into his own and is living the Survivor experience. He said he always thought of himself as geeky but this had made him feel like he’s more than that. He dives in and catches some food. Right on Jeremy.

Survivor Spencer fishing


Woo and the gang are excited! They say 2nd place is like 1st for them!

Angkor bonds

They are relaxing and Woo talks about his Mom’s heart transplant and he is crying. Savage and Tasha are empathetic. Abi appears to be too.  They are bonding and getting along great.

Angkor bonds 2

Wait, never mind, I must have lost my mind. Abi Marie shows her cold heart once again.

Abi Marie starts trouble over Woo

She immediately goes to Tasha and says Woo is just trying to get sympathy and mocking him.  What a jerk she is. Later in Tasha’s confessional, she says that it takes everything in her to even tolerate being around Abi Marie. I see why. Tasha is my new favorite player. She goes on to say that having Abi Marie around is tumultuous. You never know what kind of crap she is going to pull.  She says Woo will taking walking orders an hour before tribal and be cool, but not Abi. She says that when they merge it will be very hard to navigate with her around.  But, she concedes, Abi Marie is the reason she is still there and she doesn’t want to make a rash, emotional decision. Smart lady.

Immunity Challenge

Two people from Bayon and Ta Keo must sit out: Ciera, Kelly, Monica, Jeremy.

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Angkor wins!  Ta Keo in 2nd. Bayon is heading to Tribal Council.  First time Tribal for a lot of these folks.

Survivor Immunity Challenge Angkor wins


There are 4 original members here who have an alliance: Kimmy, Jeremy, Stephen, and Monica.  They need to choose between Wiglesworth and Spencer. While discussing who to get rid of Monica tells Kimmy that they need to think of keeping the women numbers up.

Kimmy Monica

Well this pisses Kimmy off so bad! She goes to Stephen and Jeremy and tells them. Basically, she is throwing the alliance out the window.  They are done with her. Can you smell a blindside?  By the way, Stephen grew on me this episode.

Tribal Council

Bayon tribal council

It’s all about Wiglesworth and Spencer. Gotta love Probst. Asking questions when only a few know what he is really asking! They keep it under wraps and completely blindside Monica!

Survivor Bayon Tribal Council

She is shocked. She deserved it!

Monica is the 5th person voted off of Survivor Second Chance.

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