Survivor: A Second Chance S31 Ep1

It’s back! I love when Survivor starts in the Fall. Time to get cozy and settle into a new season of glorious television watching!  What could be better than a warm, spiked drink and Jeff Probst?

Heeeere we go!

This year, unlike any other, they will let the fans vote for all 20 second-timers! Off to Cambodia…

Survivor 31 Camobodia

Some people I am happy to see, #JOE, #woo. and #Shirin (yes she won my heart last time around).  Some people not so much #Ciera and #Cass.

Did I mention Joe?

Survivor 31 Joe

They arrive by boat, then switch to a ship and then must  hop on rafts. They are split into two tribes.  Of course they have to grab supplies and have only a certain amount of time. There is also an extra bag of food for whoever can swim out further. They scrambled much the same as seasons before.

Survivor 31 E1

Survivor 31 E1 swim

Moving on…

Ta Keo Tribe (woo, kelly, kelley, peih-gee, vytas, shirin, jeff, terry, spencer, abi-marie- not a complete list) –

Abi Marie losses her purse first thing and starts freaking out, here we go with this girl.  She is even trying to play it cool this season so I do wonder if someone is testing her. LoL.

Most of the older people on the tribe, Vytas, PeihGee, Kelly, Woo and a few others, start working on a shelter. Shirin and Spencer grab Jeff and start talking strategy. Jeff can’t believe it but he is on board.

Vytas and tribe

Shirin is gunning for Vytas, she is afraid that he is too popular and has too many ties to others playing that he is a threat.

Over at Bayon (kass, savage, tasha, kimmy, ciera, stephen?, keith, not a complete list) they are all working on making fire and gathering stuff. Joe gets the fire going with items he finds on the island, that is super hot and Varner thinks so too. He does say he is in awe. They seem to be bonding and making friends with each other. Much more relaxed vibe.

Survivor 31 Joe starts Fire

Survivor 31 Joe starts Fire2

Here is a cute baby monkey to look at, thanks Survivor!

Survivor 31 monkey baby

Kelley sneaks away from Ta Keo to look for the idol, she uses the guise of collecting palm fronds and coconuts to look around.

Survivor 31 Kelley Looks for idol

She finds a clue to the idol.  WOW! Turns out the idol will be hidden at the Immunity Challenge, so she will have to try to snag it with everyone around! Cool!

Kelley finds clues

The first Immunity Challenge!

Survivor 31 first challenge

Survivor 31 first challenge course

They have to hop in the water and light every torch back towards the beach, then they must construct a pole out of sticks and try to retrieve a key to unlock a cage.

Survivor 31 first challenge course3

On the beach, Kelley starts scoping the idol and knows she does not want to blow it. She is careful and waits…

kelley Survivor goes for idol

Wiglesworth has the tribes attention…

Survivor 31 wiggleworth challenge

Survivor 31 hidden immunity idol

She snags it!!  Imagine the adrenaline!

kelley snags immunity idol

Meanwhile, Joe wins Immunity for his tribe, Ta Keo.

Survivor Bayon Wins challenge

Jeff then announces a huge surprise, Bayon is heading to Tribal Council that very minute!  No time plot or discuss!

Going to Tribal now Survivor

Looks like they listened to Shirin and Spencer, Vytas is the first person voted off of Survivor Second Chance.

Vytas voted off