RHONY The Cavi-Art of War S7 E8

Ramona and Dorinda

Out to eat. Talking about their men.  Ramona is saying the Mario still wants to reconnect.

Bethenny at Therapy


Is hosting something to do with her new ‘lifestyle’ brand and she is still surrounded by these people. Her main dude is still totally vague and says that they are talking to several chains to review the best model.  Such BS if you ask me, only time will tell. I want to google it but then I stop myself because I want to see how this plays out.

RHONY Art of War Heather Questions Sonjas Team


Carole is running for the Board of her building.  Why do people live in NYC? UGH, yuck.  Have some snot ass people choosing who can live in their cramped ass building? No thanks.  Anyway, she is running for the board because other residents want her out and brought back a ‘Board fave’ to beat her.   She said that they don’t like her.  She goes on to say that sometimes she forgets her keys and the last time was on a Saturday at about 3 or 4 in the morning. She called the Fire Dept. who jimmied the lock and damaged the door. LOL. She is so immature but I admire it somehow.

RHONY Carole Runs for the Board

Carole holds a meeting with her team. So funny that she actually assembles one.

RHONY Caroles Election Team

She is holding a party to hear the results of the election.

I know last season she did not even want a kitchen but her contractor talked her into it. It’s totally functional for her but so small!

Caroles Kitchen RHONY

Again, why do people live in NYC?

At the party, Heather tries to connect with Bethenny but actually goes into asking B about her custody arrangement and stuff!  No! I agree with Bethenny at this point, way too personal! Sheesh!

Finally, the results come in, she wins. Hooray!

Dorinda’s Birthday Dinner

They are all going to celebrate Dorinda’s birthday in the Berkshire’s next week but Luann wanted to have a nice city dinner with some of the women.  They go to a private dining room at a caviar restaurant called Petrossian.  Honestly, yuck.  Think about this, they cut open a female fish and scoop out her eggs. Then serve them on crackers, freakin’ disgusting.  Heather loves it and gobbles up a ton.  So gross.

Caviar Restaurant RHONY

Ramona and Luann

Ramona and Lu go at it and Lu brings up how Dorinda was hurt by Ramona talking shit about John, we have heard the past few episodes.  NOW, Ramona is saying that it was all Lu! Ramona is such a liar.

It all ends awkward.

RHONY Dorinda Ramona