RHONY The Art of Being a Cougar S7 E4

Carole and Heather

They are walking through, Central Park, I think.  They sit to chat and Carole starts telling Heather about how her and Adam, Luann’s sons friend, went out.  She said they went to a Halloween party and she had two shots of tequila and a gummy bear. Next thing she knows, she is tripping ‘her head off.’  They leave the party and get a pedicab, then she puked all over both of them.  ICK.  She is all giddy talking about this:

Carole RHONY

She is talking about he spent the night and the whole next day and it was like she was in high school again.  What??!?! Who in the hell wants that?  College maybe. Heather asks if she has told Lu and Carole says she has not. Heather mentions that he also dated Luann’s niece.

Bethenny’s Birthday

She arrives to an awesome present from hotel management.

Bethenny Bday RHONY

Bethenny gets a private dining room at a restaurant for a dinner party.  Luann and Sonja’s young men from the previous night is there.  Fredrik from Million Dollar Listing shows up too, he is there with his husband Derek. Heather is there along with Sonja.  Luann and Carole show up together. Ramona was invited and she came. Bethenny said she had a good time the night before with Ramona.

All the sudden there are all these young guys around, these ladies are cougars, fo’ shizzle. More power to them.

RHONY Young Guys

RHony LUann

Bethenny toasts the birthday and, by the way, she looks great!

Bethenny Birthday dinner

Other happenings:

Dorinda and her daughter chat at home. Her daughter calls her a chubby chaser and she is cracking up. Next we see Ramona and her new business partner at a lunch meeting. She is investing in a new sports bar.  She is totes flirting with dude. It’s cute.

Carole goes on a date with Adam, the young guy. They go play ping-pong.


RHONY Carole and Adam

Dorinda and John go out to eat.  She looks great and has nice arms!  John orders for them and she said she is so sick of it. He orders his first favorite thing and orders her HIS second favorite thing. She tells him no and I think he still did it.  Next thing you know they are talking about their business venture. She mentions how her daughter might not like that they are in business together.  He gets upset and she bites back.  He tells her he doesn’t like being second to her daughter.  Sorry but I agree.  Her daughter is an adult.  She needs to take care of herself.  She should not let her daughter come in between them.  She gets so upset that she won’t come back down and accept his hand as an apology.  They leave pissed.

Dinner with Heather

Dorinda, Bethenny and Carole were invited to dinner by Heather. Dorinda and B show up first and seem to totally bond over their love of shopping at a discount. Dorina says she has a fax and rotary phone at home. She says they still work why would she stop using them?  I am starting to like her a lot! However, next the girls let Dorinda know that her daughter needs to accept John and Dorinda needs to integrate them. Dorinda says her daughter will not accept that and Dorinda is ok with that.

Next, Frickin’ starts saying how she calls Bethenny, Beth.  B is like, “no my name is Bethenny.” Heather gets so weird at times.  Then she decides to bring up Kristen and how she was hurt B didn’t invite her to her birthday dinner.  Frickin A.  WTF?  Even Bethenny won’t hear it and shuts her shit down.

Bethenny bored with Heather RHONY

Heather gets all hurt.  Butt out Heather.

It was a small dinner not a frickin PARTY!  There are only so many seats, why are you harassing her over her birthday dinner, a-hole!

Dorinda says she was hurt, Bethenny’s like, “I don’t even know you!” Honestly, these people are jerks.  Leave Bethenny alone.