RHONY New House, Old Grudges S7 E2

The Hamptons

Everyone is heading up to the Hamptons.  LuAnn has a new house and some of them are staying there. Carolyn and Heather are on their way in a private car.  That’s the way to do a road trip!  Chauffeured.

Ramona is at her house in the Hamptons with the new lady.

Everyone is talking about Sonja.  Remember last season they all kinda had a rift.  They questioned all her ventures, said she is taking on too much.  Sonja took it as an insult and kind of cut them off.

Lu’s Old House

LuAnn is having an estate sale.  I wonder if people pay more than they  normally would because it’s her?

Luann Estate Sale


We open to her in a chauffered car STILL complaining about not having a place to live.  Buy a frickin place already! Get over the fact you won’t get your old place back. Sorry to be harsh, but come on!

Back at LuAnn’s Estate Sale

Ramona and Dorina show up and Ramona takes Lu aside to apologize for the way she treated her when she was going through a divorce.  It is from the heart you can tell.  Heather had said earlier in the show,the Ramona is like a real person now.  She seems more relatable. You can see that here.

Ramona apologizes to Luann

Lu forgives her but is skeptical. That night back at Ramona’s, Sonja shows up and Dorinda is meeting her for the first time.  What she says is hilarious! She says Sonja is, “Mary Poppins meets Zsa Zsa Gabor.” Too funny!  Ramona seems irritated with Sonja. Sonja is jealous that Dorinda got her regular room.

LuAnn’s New House

Carolyn and Heather are hanging with Lu’s son, who by the way is an adult now! How the hell did that happen?!  Carolyn is flirting with his friend!  She might be old enough to be his Grandma, no shizzle.  But okay maybe I am wrong, right? More power to ya.

RHONY Carolyn flirts

The ladies sit down to chat, they are joined by Kristen and LuAnn.  They talk about how Ramona has been humbled and she is a better person for it.


Sonja, Ramona and Dorinda have lunch and their order sounds delicious!  But, hello! Ramona just ordered a beer. She DID!  LOOK:

Ramona orders a beer

The “Who’s on First” that takes place next, you have just see for yourself.  It is Hilarious. Just know that Ramona is NOT Italian.

Everyone is coming over for dinner. When Sonja walks in she is less than impressed, what shit.  I call ‘WHATEVER’ Sonja.

Bethenny shows up. Carolyn is star struck, LuAnn is making her cocktails, Ramona says in her one-on-one that Bethenny is like a cat, you never know if she is going to purr up to you or scratch you. L O L .

Heather is sitting down chatting with Bethenny and she says that Lu has brought up how she helped invent Skinny Girl.  HUH!?  Bethenny said Lu happened to be there when Bethenny ordered one once.  Heather is talking about Bethenny owing Lu a car or a Rolex or something.  Say Waaaaaaat?

Bethenny RHONY

They start talking about how Ramona is dating and someone says, “she is keeping the company of men.” Bethenny decides to go off and make things awkward saying that means she is sleeping with a bunch of men. Give it a break Bethenny, they were using it as a figure of speech.  I know what you are saying but geeeeeez. Lighten up, you don’t have to try to educate people at a party. Get over yourself.

Next thing you know they are talking about making plans for the next day. Bethenny says the only reason I know for sure is that, “you are coming over.” She was talking to Sonja.  All of the sudden Ramona says, “Your my guest and you are not going there.” HUH!?!  Ramona – inappropriate!  Even Bethenny is like, “Did you just say that out loud?”

RHONY Bethenny mad at Ramona

Bethenny is outta there, Ramona follows her out. Ramona says sorry but Bethenny says she doesn’t want to hang out with or be with Ramona. Period.

RHONY Bethenny Ramona fight

Next week… FRICK, Kelly B. is back, P U K E. I think she is the WORST housewife of all time, #MostIrritating of all time


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