RHONY Mind Your Own Business S7 E5

RHONY New York Skyline - Business

Sonja and Bethenny

Bethenny Sonja

Out to lunch, Bethenny asks Sonja about the lawsuit.  Sonja says she appreciates being able to talk to Bethenny and that B really listens.  Then Sonja starts telling her about how she is creating an International Lifestyle Brand.  Bethenny is like, “wait, back up, what?” She tells Sonja that is too vague and what does that really mean anyway “lifestyle brand?” Sonja tries to explain but really has no idea what she means herself.  I like Sonja but she needs direction from a GOOD source.  Then the ladies start talking about being divorced, then Sonja throws out there that she doesn’t swallow.  WHAT!? Lol, ok thanks for the info.  She does say that she swallows for guys who have a Black Card (American Express). Too funny.

Luann and Dorinda

Luann Dorinda

They meet up for a pedicure at a cute place called Pink Lemonade. Dorinda starts talking about how she thinks Bethenny is abrupt, loud and rude. She tells Lu about Heather bringing up how Kristen was hurt (unwarranted!) over Bethenny’s party.  But both ladies agree, it’s her birthday, she can do what she wants with the invites.

Kristen and Carole

Have drinks and oysters. They talk about Carole seeing Adam and how she still hasn’t had the opportunity to tell Lu.

Ramona and Sonja

They are still close even after a rocky year, Sonja says she will always be there for Ramona.  They are planning Ramona’s birthday in Atlantic City, so they start calling all the housewives to invite them.

Dorinda and Daughter Hannah

They talk about a cocktail party that Dorinda is planning.  She wants to introduce everyone to her boyfriend John.  Hannah is giving her good advice about not trying to control other people and it makes social situations awkward.

Hannah RHONY

Sonja’s Circus

Sonja scammed

Bethenny is on her way to meet with Sonja and her menagerie of interesting people. Sonja wants to show Bethenny what she is up to.  This is just weird.  They have all these concept drawings up saying Spring of 2015 but that seems crazy.  Can she actually get the clothes made or is this all concept? It’s W E I R D.

Sonja Morgan Spring 2015 RHONY

Sonja scam

I think someone paid Sonja lip service telling her this was all possible.  I wonder if she called them or they found her. They are just in it for a paycheck. They all sit down and Bethenny has some very REAL, valid questions. Questions that Sonja should have asked a long time ago. Sonja’s people get very defensive. I think they are scamming Sonja for her money!!  This is so wrong.

Sonja being scammed

Sonja is clueless, she can’t see what is happening right in front of her!  Bethenny calls it and says it was like an acid-trip.  That’s what I felt too!

Dorinda’s Cocktail Party

Ramona thinks John is a hanger-on, after Dorinda’s contacts and bank account.  Ramona is offended that Sonja breezes right by her without saying hello.  Sonja is still dating the young guy from Bethenny’s birthday dinner.

Heather asks Sonja about the presentation that only Bethenny was invited to.  Heather is a clothing designer and Luann has her own line on the shopping network.  She didn’t invite either and we all know why.  Because of how they questioned her last season. But now I see that was for her own good! She gets scammed like she is getting scammed now.

Heather Luann

Sonja gets up and leaves that group. Heather follows her asking questions. Dorinda, Kristen and Ramona go to a quiet corner they aren’t into what is going down.

Lu and Carole sit down to talk, Luann already knows because Luann’s niece, Adam’s ex, told her! Lu is not happy, because the niece is not happy.  Carole really doesn’t care.

Carole Luann

Heather, of course, has to go over to Kristen and bring up the whole Bethenny convo.  Heather, you should have never said shit.  Let Kristen speak for herself. Kristen, Bethenny has a right to invite anyone she wants.  And Heather you were a plus one, get over it. You are lucky you were there.

All the sudden Dorinda goes and grabs Ramona and says she wants her to talk to Sonja.  Oh geez, why do people pull this shit.  Dorinda, who looks trashed by the way, goes and grabs Sonja.  I swear Sonja’s boy-toy has this shitty-ass look on his smug face. Ramona tells Sonja how she was hurt that Sonja ignored her when she came in. Sonja couldn’t care less.

Sonja Ramona

All the sudden Sonja just goes off acting all cray-cray and loud. Then, all of the sudden they make up and are fine somehow in their weird little world.

Next thing you know, John and Sonja are getting really friendly with each other.

John Sonja


John grabs sonja

Then, tell me is this an orgasm face or what:

John Sonja RHONY

Did he just have one?  Ewww!

Dorinda John RHONY

Dorinda pushes him back and starts telling him to find her purse, Kristen helps her pull him off of Sonja.  He sends Dorinda off to look for her own damned purse and he continues on with Sonja, only now Kristen wants a piece of that:

John Sonja Kristen

He actually grinds on her and spanks her:

Kristen RHONY

She gets the heebie-jeebies and takes off.  This party is O V E R. Dorinda is done.

Next week: Atlantic City, shizzle, this should be good with this group.