RHONY Double Down on Delusion S7 Ep6

We open up to chaos.  Heather is like screaming that Sonja is being very rude.  Turns out that they are all headed to Atlantic City and are meeting up at Sonja’s.  It’s raining and Sonja apparently does not want her own friends, the Housewives of New York in her home!  She actually makes them wait outside!

RHONY Sonjas house

Bethenny is late and everyone is pissed about everything.  Off to a shitty start. It’s for Ramona’s birthday and she finally yells at them all.

RHONY limo to Atlantic City

Atlantic City – Borgata

RHONY Borgata

After they all get settled in their rooms, they get ready and meet for drinks before they head out. Everyone looks really good all dressed up. Interestingly enough, Carole is wearing bunny ears and Bethenny is in thigh-high, black leather boots.

RHONY Carole Bunny

Kristen walks in and has two different shoes on.

RHONY Kristen Mixed Shoes

Ramona asks if it’s a ‘new thing’ and Kristen says no that she just forgot one.  Case closed, fine. But, in Kristen’s confessional she acts like everyone was judging her and criticizes her for it.  Weirdo. Whatevs.


Bethenny makes a casual comment to Lu about her hair being short and how she is confident in that because she’s European.  Sonja says, “She’s from Conneticut”.  Well that sends B off into a tangent about how these women constantly have to put digs in on each other. Carole points out it isn’t a dig, just a fact. B and Sonja end up getting into a huge argument now.  B shouldn’t have been offended like that. This turns into her and Sonja arguing about Sonja’s life and business now.  I do like the way she sets shit straight with these women.  They need it.  Sonja keeps repeating herself about how B hurt her feelings. She also keeps saying, “I love people, I promote people.” Honestly, she says it about 20x, she did more than double down on that one.

RHONY Sonja the Repeator

RHONY Bethenny fed up

Heather, in her confessional, says that Bethenny’s delivery is harsh but Sonja needs to hear this. But, Sonja has been drinking since before dinner and she is crying now.  She just keeps going on and on and on. Lu tells her to stop crying, it’s Ramona’s birthday after all.

Ramona talks about it being weird now that she is not wearing a wedding ring anymore.  Lu tells Ramona how much she likes her now that she is without Mario. It’s true, I mean from what we have seen this season so far.


RHONY gambling

Ramona and Sonja are buzzing and playing Black Jack.  They are winning and having a good time. The other ladies are playing at another table and are pretty boring.


They go to the Nightclub and have fun. Get crazy…

RHONY Atlantic City

RHONY Dancing

Sonja even tried to make out with Luann, she seriously tries for a very awkward 40 seconds.

Sonja trying to kiss Luann

She then sits down with Bethenny and everything is fine.  But then…

RHONY Bethenny Sonja

She starts in again, with the same shit from dinner. Bethenny is like no.

RHONY Bethenny Sonja 2

And then Sonja goes there… again…

RHONY Bethenny Sonja

Bethenny is out of there. Here is the shot of her leaving, thought I would get these background people some face time so here you go:

RHONY people

Later Dorinda is the only one left to get Sonja safely up to her room.  They run into Carole and Ramona in the hall and they aren’t having it.

RHONY sonja carole

They go to Carol’s room.  Dorinda takes Sonja into their room and Sonja is trashed.  Talking about how she used to party with John John and Madonna, and you are proud of partying with Madonna? Ewwww.


They all get together in one of the suites for a delicious looking breakfast, I want some right now. Sonja breezes in and is just fine. She mentions how she drank before she ate… so I guess that’s her apology for it all.  They are all kind of stunned but like Lu says she can recover from stuff like that like no one’s business.  In her confessional, Sonja says that she does feel bad for her behavior. She should be honest and up-front with that ladies and apologize.

RHONY Bethenny Sonja

She goes and talks to Bethenny and they have a heart to heart. Bethenny genuinely cares about Sonja. She’s cool peeps.

Until next week…