RHONY Battle of the Brunches S7 E3

Luann’s Hampton House

Luanns Hamptons House

Carole, Lu, Heather and Kristen are having coffee and trying to decide what to do about the dueling brunches.  Ramona and Bethenny both invited them (Bethenny first) but they want to keep the peace and go to both. Carole is thinking she should go with that young guy Adam (Lu’s sons friend and their Chef).  Lu tells the ladies a story about how Ramona went on Bethenny’s show, needed to borrow a dress and then left and never returned it. It was a Herve Leger.  They also talk about how Sonja and Ramona didn’t talk for twenty years because of a sample-sale dress.

Bethenny’s Hampton House

bethennys hamptons house

When the ladies get there, Carole notes (in her confessional) that Bethenny’s house has more products than an Oscar party product suite, LOL.

Skinny Girl swag

When they sat down to chat, Lu brings up the dress and Bethenny says she is not mad about that at all. She did say she wasn’t even mad when Ramona told her it fell out of her car, and she wasn’t mad when she saw Ramona in the dress on Instagram a few months later. lol.

ramona singer herve leger

Why do rich people steal?

Ramona’s Brunch

Ok soo… it’s at a restaurant, this whole time I figured that she was having a brunch.  You are NOT having a brunch Ramona. This is just proof that she didn’t plan it, she just wanted to take peeps away from Bethenny. GEE whiz!  Sonja and Ramona kind of get into it and Dorinda doesn’t like it at all, she just wants more alcohol.

Bethenny’s Brunch

Fun, easy, relaxed, no drama.  Kristen is wearing some crazy-ass outfit.  They all leave with Skinny Girl swag.

Ramona and her group head out after an hour and half of waiting for the other ladies.  Just as they are leaving they all show up. Rude. They could have called.  I would have also just shown up to Bethenny’s early. I would have also pushed Ramona back 1 hour.  I think they didn’t really care or made an effort.

Dorinda and her man

He seems really cool and sweet. They are having lunch and he gets a business call, she goes off, won’t shut up and wants him to hang up. The caller wants to talk to her. She goes off on the caller.  Inappropriate.

RHONY Dorinda

Bethenny Finally Buys an Apartment!

Finally, it’s under-construction.

Ramona has lunch at Lu’s

These women are all done up in jeans. I am not into wearing heels with my jeans, sorry. I know it looks great, look:

Luann and Ramona rhony

But ummmm, no.  Not for lunch at my house.

They start talking about Mario and Ramona.  Very sad.  Devastating when a family breaks up. Ramona starts talking about she is living in the moment and that you have to.  I KNOW what she means! She over-thinks things.  It is so important to live in the moment.

Ramona and Lu genuinely bond and it’s good.  Lu tells Ramona that Mario is on dating sites.

Heather, Lu and Bethenny at Lunch

RHONY ladies who lunch

They order some super interesting sounding margaritas.  Their topic of convo, big surprise, is Ramona.  It’s pretty much just rehashing everything.  Heather seems to have brought it up and wants to like start playing the peacemaker. Bethenny is like WTF, can we not talk about this again!?!  I agree.  Heather gets all hurt and just wants to order another drink. There are a million other things to talk about!!

Pick-Up Joint

And here it is folks the worst Real Housewife in history. I cannot STAND this chick. I refuse to say her name. But I will tell you she is out to dinner with Lu and she is wearing her bath mat for a skirt.

RHONY Kelly Bensimon bath rug

Click Picture To See Skirt Online

Here’s another good picture:

RHONY Kelly Bensimon

Lu asked all her single friends out to a pick-up joint.  Ramona shows up and then Sonja.  Then Bethenny walks in and gets a glance of who is at the table and she sees what’s her face.  Her expression is priceless.

Bethenny reaction to seeing

I hear you!  Bethenny walks straight to the bar and orders vodka on the rocks!  Love this woman more and more.

bethenny vodka rhony

OK so now it’s coming back.  We get treated to some flashbacks that show past incidences between Bethenny and this witch.  Remember when she told Bethenny that she was, “up here and you are down here.” They also show that island trip where psycho flipped out and accused Bethenny of trying to kill her. Now I remember why I hate her so damned much in addition to being just plain annoying.

Lu glances over and sees Bethenny at the bar.  She is not happy that Bethenny has not come over. Are you kidding Lu? Really???

The ladies are getting loose and having fun. Lu leaves the bar area with some young dude, Sonja is all over this 30 year old, although I think he might be gay.  As Carole says, “Sonja has no discernment when it comes to men.” Later they pretty much are all over each other, so maybe he is not gay. Ramona is working the room and it’s good to see her being a real person.

Ramona is working the room and it’s good to see her being a real person.

ramona singer rhony

The ladies are still tying one on when John walks in without Dorinda! Like Lu said this is a pick-up joint. Interesting and sad.  I liked them together.

Coming up next week, looks like Heather is ragging on Bethenny about some other shit now. Heather did you even KNOW Bethenny before? I think you are way out of line!

Dorinda and John have it out.  Carole continues to see that young friend/chef of Luann’s son.

Until then…