RHOBH The Party’s Over S5 E19

Kim and Kyle in the Desert

They wake up and seem way better than the night before.  They sit for a nice breakfast.  Moving along.

Lisa Rinna at Home

They are taking down their girls swing-set.  Why!?!  They are still young enough to have fun!  But honestly, look at this swing-set?

Lisa Rinna Swingset

Why don’t they have one of those huge, kick ass wooden ones, like this:

outdoor swing set wood

The girls could still hang out in this.  At least get them ziplines in the backyard.

In Lisa’s confessional, she talks about Kim talking shit about her family.  “Who the fuck is Kim Richards? Don’t insinuate weird fucking shit about my husband.”  I love this woman. Then she goes on to say, “who knows what my husband did, did he fuck the dog.”  Oh wow, she cracks me up!

Lisa Rinna What Did Harry Do

Nicky Hilton Book Signing

Kyle is hosting a Nicky Hilton Book Signing because Nicky is releasing a new style book called 365 Style.  It is at Kyle’s store, KYLE By Alene Too.

Nicky Hilton Book Signing

First thing Kyle notices when she sees Kim is that she is wearing something that Kyle carries but Kim did NOT buy it from her store.  She’s like WTF?  Kim says its random, not on purpose.

The rest of the signing is boring.  They are all talking about Adrienne’s party so I guess that’s where will be coming up…

Adrienne’s Party

Everyone is getting ready.  Lisa V. and Kyle ride together, they both looked great but very different.

Lisa Kyle Adrienne Party Outfits

Kim is talking to her make-up artist and saying she wants to ask Brandi straight up, about the rumors.  Looks like tonight might be the night but is Brandi really going to Adrienne’s party? Did I miss something??

Side Note – Camille has been around a bit, is she coming back next season?

Lisa V. and Brandi cross paths and it blows up.  Lisa still wants to rehash the slap, Brandi has apologized and that isn’t enough for Lisa.  Brandi’s father is really sick too and it is a party, so Brandi has been drinking, she starts crying. I feel bad for her. She wants Lisa to just back off and leave her alone tonight.

Kim sits down with Lisa R., Yolanda and Eileen.  Kim wants to ask Lisa R. if Brandi is the one who brought up the intervention.  They are soon joined by Kyle, then Lisa V.  Lisa R.  will not answer the question and confirm that Brandi is the one who brought it all up to people.   I wish, like everyone else at the table, that Lisa would just tell the truth.  She just won’t go there.

Lisa Kim Adrienne Party

Kyle and the ladies continue to call her after Kim leaves, she finally gives in.  She goes to Kim with Kyle but Kim will not hear one word, not one.

Lisa walks away and Kyle and Kim go at it.  Kathy joins them maybe to jump in, in case they go to blows. Kim tells Kyle she does not believe a word that Lisa says.  She still doesn’t buy into Brandi being the one that started all this shit.

Brandi and Kim finally sit down and Brandi denies. Look folks, she said it:

Brandi Lying

You know how they say people are lying when they close their eyes or look away:

Brandi lying RHOBH

Lisa R. comes up and before you know it, Brandi has to cause a distraction and starts yelling at Kyle who is standing at a distance.  Nice move Brandi.

Welp folks, that is it for this season!

Yolanda Lisa RHOBH

Kyle Kim RHOBH

Eileen Lisa RHOBH

Brandi End of Season RHOBH

 And now on to RHONY!  Cannot wait!