RHOBH Surprise S 5 Ep 14

Starts at the most amazing house, Yolanda’s.  Brandi comes over, this is a follow up to their yoga session.  She talks Brandi into doing a 21-day cleanse.  While she is talking to Brandi about her behavior, yoga and the cleanse my husband chimes in, “Is Yolanda their own personal Yoda?”.  Funny and true!  “Wise, Yolanda is.”  They go outside and do some ‘speed-yoga’ as Brandi calls it.  Yolanda’s yoga dude does the ‘crow’.  Brandi says she can do it….

Lisa V. and Kyle at Villa Rosa 

Lisa is helping Kyle with her feelings about Kim right now.  Seems like Brandi started all of this… why did Kim and Kyle fight in the first place?

Eileen and Vince 

I love Vince.  From the Poker Tour but more importantly from the window in the garage.  I want the Italian Pinot she ordered.  I want to be sitting on this patio.  They start talking about a script reading coming up, Vince wrote a script.  Of course, they think it would be fun to have all the crazy chicks (my words, not theirs) do the reading.

Back at Lisa’s

Her and Ken are playing with the pups.  I completely love the tubby little girl retriever that their new dog fell in love with, so cute!  I love big dogs, little dogs are annoying, sorry Hollywood.  Lisa R. shows up to ride with Lisa V. to the reading.

Brushing it Under the Carpet

Kim and Kyle ride together and decide to ‘brush it under the carpet’.  Best thing to do, because as sisters, this is how it goes.  You love each other, you will never leave each other, so you move on.  It’s a good thing.

Kim, Kim, Kim

For the next 10 minutes everyone is talking about Kim and her sobriety.

Brandi is still getting involved.  You don’t get sister shit, leave it alone.

The rest of the show..

We see Yolanda setting up a scavenger hunt for her friends, sounds like a blast!

Back at the Reading

Lisa V wants to hold Eileen’s Emmy, she obliges.  Cool!  I would ask too!

Kim talks about being in the middle of Kyle and Brandi.  She talks about Monty.  I feel so bad for her for having to go through cancer with him.

Lisa’s Party

Lisa and Ken are setting out on a ‘Birthday Date’, really Ken is taking her to her surprise party.  They take off in a Rolls Royce that is ultra-fab.

Ken pretends to get an emergency phone call from Pump, they need him to stop by.  When they get there every one pops up from behind the bar and Lisa is genuinely surprised.  It’s great!

Mohamed toasts Lisa and Brandi’s confessional has hilarious comments about Brandi’s view of Mohamed’s feelings toward Lisa.


They all end the show singing, please don’t ever do that again.

Next Week…  The Ladies head to Amsterdam with Yolanda.  I am assuming it will be a wonderful, restful trip with the ladies, not.


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