RHOBH Sister Act S 5 Ep 13

Back to the Mixer

We start off back at the mixer, poor Kyle.  When your sister seems to turn on you for someone else, it’s heartbreaking.  It’s almost like a partner choosing another.  For Brandi to stay there and try to get to Kim to leave is ridiculous.  She should have left with her friends and left Kim there.  Brandi just does not get it.

Lisa says now you know how i felt last year… she is right.  I do not like the way Kyle bites Lisa V’s head off.

Kyle wonders why her sister doesn’t see the hurt she causes.

Lisa, Lisa and Eileen are discussing the situation and Lisa makes it clear she thinks Kim is an addict.  Give her a break she is new around here.

Burbank Film Festival

Eileen is set to open a movie she is that is featured at the Film Festival and she invited the ladies.

In the limo the topic of discussion is Brandi and Kim.

OK Brandi wins me over again, calling her kid an asshole for sticking a popsicle in her lingerie drawer, she says is not going to apologize because that was a dick move.  I agree.  I woulda said the same thing about any one of my boys.

Stranger in the Pentagon…. Ummmm… I loved Lisa R’s description… “I don’t even know what it was about really.”.

Yolanda Tries to Help Brandi

Yolanda is concerned.  She has a heart for all and she can shoot straight.  Yoga is her first approach.  They sprawl out on Yolanda’s back patio and I am just completely jealous and envious of her, her house, that view, the pool, everything.  By the way = Yolanda has an amazing core.

Yolanda brings up drinking and tells her she is acting like an asshole when she drinks. Then Brandi does the unthinkable… says people are saying that Yolanda’s daughter is an alcoholic.  Wait What?>!?!  Fuckin’ A Brandi.  Stop deflecting.

The Rest…

of the episode is a little boring.

Lisa and Max are now talking about “the results”.  He finds out he is Irish and Scandinavian.  He also now knows his birth name.  They come to the conclusion that they really don’t care and Lisa is his true Mum.

Kim, Kyle and Eileen do Lunch

For some reason Eileen decides to get in on this sister action. I appreciate the effort but I don’t know how much good this will do. This lunch only seems to bring about an argument.  Not time for a resolution I suppose.  This turns awkward.  Eileen is quickly realizing that she ‘has opened Pandora’s Box’.

However, Eileen has a GREAT point in saying that Brandi stirs the pot.  Kim just glares at her.  Kim is unreasonable, Eileen is right.

Lisa R. and Brandi

Lunch to discuss the same… Brandi stirs the pot saying that everyone knows but won’t say anything, just wait. This will come back up later this season! She is planting a huge, little seed. Just watch.

Brandi even tells Lisa to have an intervention for all of us.  Ummm wait…. just wait.