RHOBH Reunion Part 3

“A rich life does not equal an elegant tongue.”  LOL!  That is how we opened this reunion episode.  The go on to show a barrage of footage of the housewives in less than flattering convo.

Kim and Brandi are idiots.  They are aacting they are afriad of Lia Rinnsa. Give me a break , you two bitches are the CRAZIEST bitches around.  Would rather go up against her then YOU TWO CRAZY BITCHES.  These bitches.  What a load of SHIT.  S  H  I T.

Now Brandi says she didn’t so space cake because of a lawsuit with her ex.  OOOO but it’s ok to be a drunk.  Funk that.  Omg, I can’t stand Brandi.  WEED does not compare to alcohol.  ASS.

Now Kyle brings up Halloween, which is when Kim’s crazy ass pit bull (WhY DID SHE EVER GET THAT DOG?!) .  Kim is mad that Kyle instagrammed it.  WTF?!@?  It happened to HER DAUGHTER, and it’s traumatic.  Screw your dumb ass, crazy dog.

This is frickin’ crazy.  This bitch is stickin up for her dumb-ass crazy dog OVER a human, HER NIECE.  Disgusting.

That is all I can bear to watch… will tune in again.  At least you know how I feel.  🙂


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