RHOBH Reunion Part 2

Starting off with Eileen and Brandi.  They are asking Brandi why the hell she threw wine in Eileen’s face.  Eileen is also going into the whole home-wrecker thing.  Why does she constantly bring that up?  Eileen said she is having to answer to people.  Vince’s ex-wife says it is FINE, Eileen is a great Step-Mother.

This is truly NONE of your business Brandi!  As you would say, “Shut the fuck up.”

Brandi actually says that she would never have a friend who is with a married man. What a load of shit. Like Eileen says, “So Brandi is the moral compass now,”  Frickin’ hilarious.

Why is Brandi so damn hateful.  She came into Eileen’s house and talked shit, talked sexually about her husband (thought you were better than that, Miss Goody Two Shoes).

Kyle calls her out for having a double-standard. So true.

Grow up Brandi! Now she calls out Lisa for having the same hair-do for twenty-years.  Lisa is speechless for a split second.

Lisa Rinna Shocked RHOBH Reunion

Ok that was kinda funny.  Look at Eileen and Andy:

Andy Cohen Eileen Davidson Laughing Reunion

Lisa R. all the sudden goes OFF!  F bombs, body moving, neck poppin’, arms flying. Ending it with, “You need to be shut down.”

Andy asks her, “Rinna, have you have the same hair-do for twenty years, and she says, “You’re damn right I have and fuck you!”  Finger blazing. Then fingers blazing!  She cracks me up!

Lisa Rinna Goes off on RHOBH Reunion

Now they move on to the subject of children.  Eileen and Lisa Rinna’s kids do their own laundry. Portia is a crack-up! Diva, wise-cracking, cute! Brandi’s boys cannot be shown on the show because of her ex, Eddie Cibrian. She says she wishes that side of her could be seen so everyone could have a more rounded view of her real self.  I agree.  She is a good Mom, I agree with that too.  Brandi, this is a shout-out to you for being a rockin’ Mama.

Andy wants to go over the whole drug issue starting with Poker Night.  Lisa Rinna tells how Kim was already jacked up and acting weird before the car ride.  Kim explains again how she ended up jacked up, taking Monty’s pain pill.  She doesn’t feel like she should apologize to Lisa at all.  Then Kim moves to Kyle. She is saying that if Kyle would have just let her leave Poker Night all the shit would not have happened.  She says it is all Kyle’s fault.  She said that Kyle only wanted Kim to stay for the camera’s.  Kim and Brandi are asking why the heck Kyle would not just let them leave, they were on their way out.

Now Andy wants to know what Kim was talking about when she kept referring to a secret Lisa Rinna knows about her husband, Harry Hamlin.  Kim will NOT cop to it.  She won’t say.  Lisa gives her the go-ahead but she stays silent.  Lisa calls her a chicken-shit.  Well deserved title. I hate when you call people out to straighten the record and the recoil.  It’s like, let’s get this shit out on the table and settle it.

Oh dear, now Brandi is speaking up about how she wonders why it’s ok for Lisa R. to throw a glass at Kim but not ok for her to throw wine in Eileen’s face.  Are you for real Brandi?  She is a j o k e .  A frickin’ joke.  Brandi, I cannot stand you.

Kim now apologizes for the ugly stuff she said to Eileen at dinner in Amsterdam.  Lisa Rinna says they made up in Amsterdam, but Kim never apologized.

And here we go, Kim and Kyle are about to go at.  Kim says Kyle was a bad sister at the Amsterdam dinner and that Kathy (Hilton) agreed.  Kyle says she could not defend Kim’s behavior and Kim says she feels Kyle wasn’t there for her.  Kyle calls Kim mean.  She feels mistreated by Kim and she is over it.  Kim says she actually feels the same way.

Kyle Richards Reunion

Kim Richards Reunion

At this point, Andy is in that place we have all been.  Caught in between two people fighting.  First, you want to say something then you realize you better keep your mouth shut.

Andy Cohen Keeping Quiet

So we all then pretend to read whatever is in our hands or check out our manicures.

Andy Cohen RHOBH Reunion

Kim says she needs to figure it all out before all of things that are coming up, come up.  Kyle says that she must be referring to Kim’s daughter’s wedding.  She tells Kim to dis-invite her if she wants.  Kim says that is not what she wants but we all know that is what she is referring to.  Kyle goes on to say that she loves Kim’s kids like her own and she wants them in her life but if Kim wants to take them from her too, then, “go ahead!”.  I feel bad for Kyle.  She is really breaking down, Kim is stone-face.

That’s it until next week!