RHOBH: Life’s a Pitch S 6 Ep 1

And they’re off!  Grab a glass of wine and get cozy.

We start with Lisa V., she has a Dodger pitcher coming over to teach her to pitch, she is throwing out the first pitch for a game soon.


Not very interesting but that’s fine, moving on…

Next we get to check in on Yolanda Foster. The Queen of everything kind, nice and wise.  She is staying in the family condo that they have in town so she can be close to her doctor’s office. She is on an IV sitting and chatting with her new friend, Cody Simpson’s Mom. She also chats with her supermodel daughter Gigi Hadid. Cody and Gigi were recently a couple. These two lovely ladies, became close and stayed friends.

RHOBH Yolanda Foster

On to Lisa Rinna, everyone’s all around favorite gal! Lisa spent her time off traveling with her cute little family all around the world. She shared some super cute photos…

RHOBH Lisa Rinna and family

She is so fun, I really like her a lot. She is getting ready for an Oprah Where Are They Now show. She is getting her makeup done. Love the look of her make-up artist. If you saw him on the street you would never think that dude can do such amazing makeup. He is awesome!

RHOBH Lisa Rinna

Doesn’t Lisa have the most beautiful eyes too?  Stunning! I saw her and Harry 20 years ago in a grocery store in Cabo, she is still just as gorgeous as that day I saw her, fresh faced and vibrant.

On to Eileen, she is still working on the Young and the Restless, Lisa comments how impressive it is that she has been employed, steadily, all these years. I remember her being Ashley Abbott when I was 12 years old in the mid-eighties. That is pretty cool. Jabot. Had to say it.

RHOBH Eileen Davidson

I dig her dressing room! All the comforts of home but you are at work.

Kyle talks to Lisa V. on the phone to plan a get together and she has the coolest sunglasses ever!! Check these babies out:

Kyle Sunglasses RHOBH

Kyle and Lisa V. head to lunch. They talk about Yolanda and the confrontation that she had with Ken because of Ken being a complete ass. They also talk about Kim. Kim was arrested over the break, which we all know, so moving on… but first, I must say… Kim is wrong about being mad about her dog, she should be sorry, apologetic and humble. She was not that on the reunion. Boo Kim.

rhobh Lisa V and Kyle

Lisa Rinna is having a birthday dinner and she calls Yolando to invite her, Yolanda says she is going to try to make it for a bit. She is going to bring her new friend, Angie Simpson.

rhobh yolanda

What a sweet friend to go and make an effort to get out to celebrate with her, if only for a bit. Heart of gold.

Lisa Rinna’s Birthday Dinner

Kyle wears the most amazing shoes, will need to tweet at her!  Lisa’s dinner is in a private dining room, looks gorgeous! Fresh flowers to boot. They are at Il Cielo.

rhobh kyles shoes lisa rinna birthday

So far this episode has been pretty benign. That is over. Be prepared to hear about the most shallow frickin’ people in Hollywood. If they aren’t the shallowest, f*&^ Hollywood.


Ken, Lisa V., Kyle, basically everyone, starts to show up. Ken seems sincere about saying hi to Yolanda. We are about to find out what a shallow asshole this guy is. Look at his face^^^

So here we go. Yolanda shows up first, Lisa R. and Kyle are already there. They instantly notice her appearance, per their confessional. They both comment how they cannot believe that Yolanda came out with no make-up at all, none. Lisa R. finds it very courageous.  Yes, in this town of shallow shells for humans, it is very courageous. I am not sure about Kyle’s reaction, she just can’t believe it since most people in this town would never ever. Lisa R. compares it to an armor, everyone in Hollywood goes around in this armor of hair and makeup. Yolanda left herself vulnerable in this shallow town and it is truly is courageous in this wolves den.

Here it is…

Ken and Lisa are astounded, shocked, dismayed and horrified. Let’s get this straight, not because Yolanda is so sick but that she dared to go out in public with no make-up. Lisa has this look of horror and disgust. Guess what Lisa, you are horrible and disgusting.


No wonder I stopped watching and blogging about Vanderpump Rules, your vileness and shallowness seeps through everything you touch. Shame on you and your husband. Phony, fakes, insincere, uncompassionate. Plain old J E R K S.  Ken even eludes that he would know what to do if Lisa was in that condition and we are not talking about sickness, we are talking about appearance. Shallow pig.

Lisa V Shallow Idiot RHOBH

And by the way… has he looked in a mirror? Her too ^ dried up prune pumped up with fake fillers as fake as her genuineness.

Lisa V Shallow Idiot RHOBH

Hmmm…like they say about people in glass houses, people with questionable appearances themselves, should not throw stones.

In the words of one of my favorite characters of all time, Miranda Priestly, “That is all.”

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