RHOBH Drama Queens S 5 Ep 12

Welp here it is, Kyle’s Gay Mixer for ‘her gays’, which Andy Cohen and Lance Bass says is very offensive!  Come on Kyle it may sound cute to you and your friends but it’s not, I am with Andy and Lance.

So there is a lack of tops in West Hollywood?  Like Kyle says they are a ‘hot commodity’.  We need to find out what city around LA is top-heavy.  That is a mixer.

Yolanda’s House

Yolanda is heading to Italy for a David Foster Fundraiser.  She will also be visiting Roberto Cavalli’s house.  She says she doesn’t think she should wear ‘Robert Cavalli’ to his house. That would be weird.  I agree, but what a concept.  I don’t think I will ever have that problem, although I would love it!

I want to live in Yolanda’s closet, I wonder if she would let me?  I would sleep on the floor.  It is so beautiful and big.  I could play dress up all night long.

Of all the housewives, she is my favorite and her house is my favorite!

Ken and Lisa at Villa Rosa

They are revisited the Max thing.  He wants to find out more information by using a DNA test so he can know about himself.  Adoption is a hard situation just like Lisa says, “You see it as a threat but it really isn’t”.  I feel for them, they need to let him and not take it personal.  They are his parents, his family and nothing can ever change that.

Kim and Brandi

They are re-hasing the poker game incident. As they are talking Kim mentions that she was with HER SISTER the night before, and Brandi gets mad?!?!  Hello #issues ! This chick has no clue, again, stay outta of sister business. Shit, Chica!

Kim is explaining why she took a pill.  She was in a lot of pain and she took one of Monty’s pills.  That can be a scary road.  Maybe more so more for the people that live with addicts than the addict themselves.

Brandi then says ‘I was protecting you from your sister’.  That is some bullshit Brandi.  Complete bullshit.

Kim says Brandi is her closest friend?!?!  Hello!?  She cycles through friends.  Is she forgetting Brandi called her a crackhead??

Brandi needs to get off of her high horse and back off of this sister thing.  Kim needs to wake up and see Brandi for what she is.  A junior high school girl that cycles through best friends because she can’t help herself.  She is destructive.  This Kim and Brandi thing is co-dependency at it’s worst.  It’s getting weird.

Back to Villa Rosa with Ken, Lisa and Max

Still pondering the DNA test, which we all know he will do.  I mean who would wonder and want to know but then not do it.  He isn’t meeting his birth Mom or anything. But again, this is family and nothing will change.  Lisa is his Mum. I know it must so hard.

Gay Mixer

Brandi is going.  Yes, that is what I just typed. Brandi is going. These two, Brandi and Kim, are on another planet.  She should have called and apologized to Kyle first, but to show up?  I don’t know about all that!

All the women are there, looks to be a great night.  Like Lisa said “mixer+alcohol+gays= fun!”

At this moment Lisa V. says Brandi is coming and Kyle corrects her “no, I didn’t invite Brandi’.

Cut to Kim and Brandi driving to said party.

Contender for quote of the night, “I love Lisa she smells like roses, hello” – Lisa Rinna on Lisa Vanderpump

This party is giggin and then…… here she comes. Kyle cant believe her eyes, Brandi is there and there my her sister!  She says how awkward it is.  This is the instant ‘bad shit’ is about to go down.

But FIRST, a lighthearted moment brought to you by Eileen and Lisa V. – Lisa says her ‘Celebrity go to man’ is Sean Connery – I am with Lisa. Maybe not first on my list, but on my list!

Kim, Kyle and Brandi


Kyle explains how awkward this is, in her confessional, because she JUST TOLD HER SISTER HER FEELINGS ABOUT BRANDI LAST NIGHT!

Kim is kinda brushing it off and not seeing what a big deal this is.  Wrong time, wrong place Kim.

This pretty much ruins the entire party.  Why would Kim want this to happen, did she really not think it was inappropriate at this time?

Wait, hold the phone….   Faye Resnick, my least favorite RHOBH guest of all time is here at the party, of course.  Did they have to show her.  Yuck.

Back to the sista’ drama… Like I  said, this party is blown and I don’t blame Kyle for being pissed.

She heads over to Brandi and tells her I am sorry but don’t come between sisters.  I agree. Do not do it.  You cannot know the history like Kyle says.  Brandi you are off base.  You must stay out of family drama, you MUST!  Stay out.

S t a y O u t !


In Brandi’s confessional she calls Kyle an “attention seeking whore, horrible sister, c#$% of a bitch”


Brandi causing trouble as ALWAYS, such a ‘exactly what she just called Kyle’.

Kyle appealing to Kim, being open and honest with her, pleading with her.

Brandi can’t help but stick her nose back in it.

Just like Kyle says “she has turned on all of them”, meaning her friends, we have all seen it.

I always used to believe her then slowly.. you start to see….

Next week, Yolanda tells Brandi she is acting like an asshole.  #Preach!