RHOBH Confessions of a Housewife S5 E18


The ladies are still in Amsterdam and Lisa V. is still upset about Brandi slapping her the prior evening.  Yolanda is trying to talk to Lisa and get her to calm down, for the sake of the trip.  Lisa is having none of it, she is sick of Brandi’s shit.  Look at Brandi in the background, sorry but this whole get-up is hilarious. She looks like a pimp from some cheesy 80’s movie.


Lisa goes back to the hotel and calls Ken to tell him all about ‘the Slap’.  He is upset too.  I feel bad for Lisa, that is a yucky feeling to have. You know the one, when a friend assaults you and makes you feel like you are crazy for not thinking it was funny.

All the ladies are planning on going out to dinner.  Yolanda decides to go talk to Brandi about all the crap this trip, she wants Brandi to understand how serious this is.  Brandi gets defensive and tells Y that she is not going to go to dinner because she has a date anyway.  Brandi is hooking up with a young man from Amsterdam.  He seems fun.


BTW- had to add this, funny accidental “Pause” faces of Brandi…Enjoy…

Brandi on Pause

Yolanda calls it all exhausting.  Yes, I can see that.  Damn.

They all arrive at dinner, the venue is a gorgeous little restaurant on the canal.  Just perfect.  To go along with the perfect restaurant, the perfect evening, is the perfect lady.  Look at her.  I am in love, I want to be her.

Real Lady Yolanda

They find out from Yolanda that Brandi is not going to be there and they are ecstatic.  Kyle says it feels like a gift, Lisa V. says it should be a nice night then and Eileen… well her face (confessional), says it all:

Eileen Happy RHOBH

The most exciting thing about dinner is finding out that Yolanda dated Julio Iglesias.

Back Home to Beverly Hills

Yolanda and Brandi go out to get facials and Yolanda brings up how everyone was mad at Brandi, Brandi starts crying.  I feel bad for her. But NOT because everyone is mean, like she says.  I feel bad for her because she really has no idea the shit she causes.

Lisa R and Kyle

Lisa and Kyle go out to lunch and talk about Amsterdam.  Lisa comments that she has almost never happier to be home.  Lisa says, “it’s so fuckin weird, I still feel fucked up about it all.”  Kyle says she hates that it all happened.  She says she has not talked to Kim since they have been back. She is thinking she wants to ask Kim to go away for a night with her.  Kim is also telling Adrienne Malouff that she wants to talk to Kyle too.

Lisa brings up the fact that Brandi is the one who brought up doing an intervention with Kim.  Kyle thinks Kim would not be happy with that, I agree!  Freakin’ Brandi strikes again.  It is on camera, we saw it before. Now, it needs to be brought to Kim’s attention.  The fact that Brandi went and told Kim all this bullshit about Lisa R. rallying people.  BRANDI is the one who started Lisa R. down that path!!

Kim arrives at Kyle’s new desert home and holy shit this place is gorgeous!  See:

Kyle Mauricio Desert Home

They sit down to eat, hang out and seem to immediately dive into their issues with each other.  They first go into the fact that the house they are now sitting in makes Kim really upset.  They had a family home in the desert.  Kyle bought her sister’s out and now, years later, she sold it and made money to buy a new one.  Honestly, that is fair and there shouldn’t be a problem.  This becomes very heated, like maybe the worst I have seen between them.  Then they turn to Brandi.  Kim keeps defending, Kyle tries to get her to see. She even tells Kim that Brandi is the one going around mentioning interventions.  Kim is really upset and still does not believe that Brandi would do that.

They both explode, the food is burning so they need to go to the kitchen.  Kim really feels bad and does not want to fight anymore, you can tell.  I have a sister, I know exactly what this is like.  You are so mad but you love them.  Kim approached Kyle, rubs her back and gets her to hug her.  It’s a nice moment. I truly hope they can overcome this.

Kim_Kyle_Richardson Hug

Next week….Season Finale of RHOBH!!

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