Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Welcome to Amsterdam BH515

I am loving this season of the RHOBH !  So much fighting and bizarre shit has gone down, it’s been fun!  Strangely some people I didn’t like so much, I now like and people I used to love, I am not too fond of anymore.

Scavenger Hunt

This episode starts off with a Scavenger Hunt organized by Yolanda.  A great way to get the ladies working together instead of against each other for once.  It goes pretty well and of course Kyle gets teamed up with Brandi in the midst of the sister drama.  Kim starts with and walks around with a bad attitude.  Gee whiz, chica!

One of the challenges is the drink a shake.  Yolanda makes it clear that she wanted vanilla but the other ladies ordered chocolate.  Something no one will ever do to Yolanda again.  Woo wee, she was frickin’ pissed.

At the end of the challenge Yolanda surprises the girls with a trip to Amsterdam!  How better to cap off the season of fighting with a group trip across the world.

What the Hell, Brandi is at it again!!  She is pulling a repeat of last season and dropping gossip grenades set to explode on the girl’s trip.  Why in the world did she feel like she need to tell Kim about Lisa R. being concerned.  Bad timing Brandi, shame on you.  You need to quit your shit!  I used to like you so much but you are on this repeat pattern of destruction. 


They take a private jet to Calgary and lo and behold Brandi’s freshly placed grenade is about to explode.  Kim pick the wrong time and wrong place.  #Awkward.  The part that totally had me rolling, Babyface is sitting on this plane right behind Kyle!

First stop is Calgary for a fundraiser for the David Foster Foundation.  Looks like a fabulous time.  Kyle gets kissed on the lips by Steven Tyler.  She says that ‘Mauricio is gonna die!’, yeah ya think?  I mean where have those lips been?

My goodness!  8.2 million dollars was raised!! Wouldn’t it be fun to be that rich for the sole purpose of giving it away!?!  Of course dressing up and eating delish food with great people while you give it away would be a fun way to give your money away right?!


We get a glimpse of Amsterdam at the end of the episode, so basically the airport.  But oh man, we do get to see Kyle leave her bag, it is filled with hundreds of thousands dollars worth of jewelry.  I would have panicked.  That was a bummer and Kim and Brandi’s lack of compassion was disappointing.  Brandi runs her mouth that ‘there is no butler here, you gotta take care of your own stuff’.  Sorry ladies, shit happens.  Damn.  Be like Fonzi!  Cool.

I do feel for Brandi while she gets smashed on the escalator.  This is caused by her bestie Kim getting her bag carrier caught at the top… maybe Brandi should have saved that butler comment for Kim!

Kim is just beyond rude and needs to CHOOSE to not be a bitch.  You are on a trip, E N J O Y it, Debbie Downer.

NEXT WEEK, Holy Shit!

Shit is about to get real with Kim and Lisa.  Kim is hinting that Harry may be an alcoholic.  We all know what Kim keeps alluding to!  As your bestie Brandi would say “Shut the fuck up”.  Just because you are exposed doesn’t mean you need to expose others.  That’s what you types do.  You asked Lisa to drop, she apologized and did drop it, so again “Shut the fuck up”.

Looks Lisa thinks you should too looking at next’s week teaser.  Can’t wait!

Also, seems like Brandi is being Brandi and bashing all the ladies she hangs with.  Quit freaking out and find a new group to hang with, gee whiz!