Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S5 Reunion Part 1

RHOBH Reunion

The RHOBH reunion is finally here!! Strap on your seat belts, grab a drink and hang on.  Shit’s about to go down.

Kyle is already looks pissed off when Andy is talking intros.

Kyle Richards Reunion

They talk a little about whatever, then we get to Yolanda and her health.  So sad, I love her and feel so bad for her.

Kyle and Kim

Andy mentions that he heard they haven’t spoken in months.  Kim actually says that she is honestly fine with the way things are right now.  WOW.  That’s harsh.  Even Andy is like WTF?

Andy Cohen Reaction

Kyle says when is ready to have an honest conversation she will be ready to talk.


Andy says they need to move on to Yolanda, that she probably won’t make it through the show.  Makes me so sad for her!  She still looks amazing! Better than me on my best day ever.

Yolanda Perfection

They show clips of Yolanda being the peace-maker with this crazy group of combative women, I say that with tons of affection.

The ladies kind of start calling her out for always giving Brandi a pass.  She says that none of them, including her, are perfect.  We need to give grace.  Good point, as usual.  Lisa V. chimes in and brings up the moment when Brandi basically called Bella an alcoholic.

They all tell her she is off base, no one has read anything about Bella being called one.  Bella is seventeen, Brandi has crossed yet another line.  Andy asks her about her drinking and she still defends it.

They talk about Brandi being a mean drunk.  Slaps, drinks in the face, yelling, I mean, totes, you think!?!

She is leaving, she parts with dear words about people in the world all just needing a community.  She is still hopeful. Love her!

On to Lisa R.

They talk about her family, her parents, her daughters calling Medford full of fat people. Then on to Depends. She made 7 figures!  Nice!!   But, Kim is about to piss me off.  She acts like Lisa doing Depends is low-brow or something I don’t know what.  Andy asks if she thinks she is more discerning when it comes to gigs then Lisa and she says, “100%”.  This bitch.  WTF?  What is wrong with Depends?  Some people eventually have to wear them.  I hope Kim ends up being one of those people.  But then this cray-bitch also says she has, “a little more pride than you”.  Are you fuckin kidding me?

Oh shit!  Andy gets her good, he tells her she did Diving with the Stars! BEST LINE EVER!!!  That is why Andy is my most favorite person ever.  Brandi even cracks up.

Brandi laughs at kim

Oh no, this just gets better and better!  Lisa tells everyone she DID turn down Diving with the Stars down, this is great!

Next they talk about Lisa being so skinny. She says she does not have an issue, she is naturally thin and that’s just the way it is.  Andy asks Brandi if she thinks Lisa has a problem and she says she won’t make that call.  But then she says, “just because I never see her eat, doesn’t mean she has a problem”.  You just never stop do you Brandi.

BTW – Brandi, please stop getting injections!! You are starting to look like that lion lookin’ lady. And you are pretty naturally, so STOP!

Brandi Fillers

On to Brandi and Lisa

They started the season off not speaking during the off-season. Brandi tried to make up for it all throughout the season, that is true.  But whatever mending was going on was busted when Brandi slapped Lisa.

Now Kyle and Brandi go at and rehash all their troubles, Kyle ends it by saying, “you are the vilest person I have ever met”.  Brandi says the same goes for her.

When Andy goes to move on, Brandi calls Kyle a fuckin’ c-word.  Yep.  Andy goes back to ask what she said and she won’t repeat until they prod her.  Andy’s not happy with her but moves on.

Brandi just keeps getting more and more vile.  She says that Lisa was just jealous that Max’s 22 year old didn’t want to have sex with her instead of Brandi.  She is so immature.

They bring up the slap and Brandi says it was all joking.  Lisa says she felt violated.  Andy says, “it’s like when you are playing with your dog and then it bites you”.  So true!  Brandi does not like that and she tells Andy, “Fuck you”.  Her reaction when he said it was priceless.


Brandi says she won’t keep being abused, not by Andy either.  She is always the victim isn’t she?  Andy says he was defending her.

Now let’s talk about the clothes from this episode.

dress rating RHOBH Reunion


Loved Yolanda’s, did not love Eileen’s.  Kim’s is pretty and Brandi’s is hideous.

Silver Heels RHOBH

Love Lisa R.’s, do not love Lisa V.’s and Kyle’s is meh. BUT I love their metallic silver pumps!

Stay tuned for part 2 next week!