Survivor Odd Woman Out S30 E6

Joaquin_Rodney After Max got voted off last week, in a delicious blind-side, we open this week’s episode with Shirin sweating her place in the tribe. As well she should!  She confides in the camera and talks about how she grew up in Orange County with beautiful, skinny girls.  She feels like she has always been trying […] Continue reading →

RHOBH The Party’s Over S5 E19

Kim and Kyle in the Desert They wake up and seem way better than the night before.  They sit for a nice breakfast.  Moving along. Lisa Rinna at Home They are taking down their girls swing-set.  Why!?!  They are still young enough to have fun!  But honestly, look at this swing-set? Why don’t they have […] Continue reading →

The Great Amazing Nasty Race – AR S26E04

Lauren Amazing Race Bangkok Mike and Rochelle took first last week so they are starting off first for this trip to Bangkok. Uh oh Hayley still won’t shut up about Blair ignoring her and her directions… from last episode! Lauren and Tyler are getting along great still. Fight over cabs.  #TeamJJ start fighting, for the first time, over […] Continue reading →

RHOBH AmsterDAMN Slap!

Brandi Slapped Lisa We open with Yolanda feeling pretty rotten about the whole fiasco at dinner.  I really feel for her, it turned this trip into something she never intended. Everyone is meeting up the next morning after the Pot Shop.  Kim IMMEDIATELY starts thinking she is being funny (or not?) and starts calling the Lisa’s potheads because […] Continue reading →