RHOBH Reunion Part 2

Kim Richards Reunion Starting off with Eileen and Brandi.  They are asking Brandi why the hell she threw wine in Eileen’s face.  Eileen is also going into the whole home-wrecker thing.  Why does she constantly bring that up?  Eileen said she is having to answer to people.  Vince’s ex-wife says it is FINE, Eileen is a great Step-Mother. […] Continue reading →

Survivor Keep It Real S30 E8

And we are back, after the best blind-side, take-over ever! I seriously loved last week! Rodney is very upset, he blaming Mike.  Everyone was saying to vote of Hailey and then Mike switched it to Jenn at the last minute.  Rodney goes straight for Will to get him on the Blue side. Pizza Picnic Reward […] Continue reading →

RHOBH Reunion Part 3

“A rich life does not equal an elegant tongue.”  LOL!  That is how we opened this reunion episode.  The go on to show a barrage of footage of the housewives in less than flattering convo. Kim and Brandi are idiots.  They are aacting they are afriad of Lia Rinnsa. Give me a break , you […] Continue reading →