RHONY New House, Old Grudges S7 E2

The Hamptons Everyone is heading up to the Hamptons.  LuAnn has a new house and some of them are staying there. Carolyn and Heather are on their way in a private car.  That’s the way to do a road trip!  Chauffeured. Ramona is at her house in the Hamptons with the new lady. Everyone is […] Continue reading →

Survivor Bring the Popcorn S30 E10

Survivor Auction Everyone is all happy because they voted Joe off. Time to pop some popcorn! Wait, this is Survivor.  I for one am not happy.  Screw these peeps. Reward Challenge SURVIVOR FOOD AUCTION!!  Yay! Will wins the first item, which is a mystery item.  He gets a clue! WAIT, nope, he gets a note that he […] Continue reading →

Survivor Living on the Edge S30 E9

Chocolate Rewards I am still pissed about Sierra betraying the women and staying with the Blue Collars, R A G. All the sudden Rodney, in his confessional, is talking about flipping on the BC’s. Jenn is talking about leaving the game?! Reward Challenge  Winners go to the Chocolate Cafe!  Featuring Snickers, Twix, M&M’s and DOVE! I think […] Continue reading →

#RHONY Season 7 Taglines

Sonja Tagline It’s that time again, Real Housewives of New York is back!  Along with the exciting start, here are the Season 7 taglines.  Sometimes they are so good and then some, seasons they are so lame.  This season I only like 1 and that would be Heather’s.  Although, I wish Heather would drop the ‘Holla!’ already. […] Continue reading →