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The Amazing Race

The Great Amazing Nasty Race – AR S26E04

Lauren Amazing Race Bangkok Mike and Rochelle took first last week so they are starting off first for this trip to Bangkok. Uh oh Hayley still won’t shut up about Blair ignoring her and her directions… from last episode! Lauren and Tyler are getting along great still. Fight over cabs.  #TeamJJ start fighting, for the first time, over […] Continue reading →

Amazing Race #MurphysLaw S 26 E 3

AmazingRaceGroupSelfie_sm On to Phuket #TeamJJ – love this team more and more.  They talk about why they think they won the first two legs of the Race so far. They talk about having no expectations, they are being polite, they are showing the best of themselves.  So true. The first few teams to Phuket have 12 […] Continue reading →