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Survivor: We Got a Rat S31 E3

Last episode we left off with Bayon really bonding and gelling and feeling the love.  Survivor couldn’t let THAT happen, of course, they bust ’em up! I feel bad for them, I was gonna start cheering for them. “Drop your buffs”, Jeff says cheerfully. The new Ta Keo: Keith, Kass, Joe, Ciera, Dietz, Kelley The […] Continue reading →

Survivor My Word Is My Bond S30 E13

Six people left! They are back at camp and most people are still not with Mike.  Carolyn however, seems like she might align with Mike now. They start talking, she is all happy about being on both sides.  She is setting up so that she is aligned with him unless he loses the Immunity challenge, […] Continue reading →

Survivor Holding On for Dear Life S30 E12

Tribal Council Remember last week, Mike shook things up and exposed that Dan was not in the majority alliance. Now back at camp after Tribal, Dan starts calling people out.  Mike is cracking up.  Me too.  Now I am cheering for Mike.  To heck with the rest. Reward Challenge They get to deliver toys, sports […] Continue reading →