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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH AmsterDAMN Slap!

Brandi Slapped Lisa We open with Yolanda feeling pretty rotten about the whole fiasco at dinner.  I really feel for her, it turned this trip into something she never intended. Everyone is meeting up the next morning after the Pot Shop.  Kim IMMEDIATELY starts thinking she is being funny (or not?) and starts calling the Lisa’s potheads because […] Continue reading →


rhobh_Lisa_Glass_sm Welcome to Amsterdam! We open to the ladies arriving at their hotel.  Looks so nice, Amsterdam, that is. Lisa is so glad to see Eileen and Lisa V.  She says they were like a life boat in a very stormy ocean. She is of course referring to the awkward plane ride over.    Yolanda shows […] Continue reading →

RHOBH Surprise S 5 Ep 14

Starts at the most amazing house, Yolanda’s.  Brandi comes over, this is a follow up to their yoga session.  She talks Brandi into doing a 21-day cleanse.  While she is talking to Brandi about her behavior, yoga and the cleanse my husband chimes in, “Is Yolanda their own personal Yoda?”.  Funny and true!  “Wise, Yolanda is.” […] Continue reading →

RHOBH Sister Act S 5 Ep 13

Back to the Mixer We start off back at the mixer, poor Kyle.  When your sister seems to turn on you for someone else, it’s heartbreaking.  It’s almost like a partner choosing another.  For Brandi to stay there and try to get to Kim to leave is ridiculous.  She should have left with her friends […] Continue reading →