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RHONY The Cavi-Art of War S7 E8

Caroles Kitchen RHONY Ramona and Dorinda Out to eat. Talking about their men.  Ramona is saying the Mario still wants to reconnect. Bethenny at Therapy Sonja Is hosting something to do with her new ‘lifestyle’ brand and she is still surrounded by these people. Her main dude is still totally vague and says that they are talking to […] Continue reading →

RHONY Double Down on Delusion S7 Ep6

RHONY Bethenny fed up We open up to chaos.  Heather is like screaming that Sonja is being very rude.  Turns out that they are all headed to Atlantic City and are meeting up at Sonja’s.  It’s raining and Sonja apparently does not want her own friends, the Housewives of New York in her home!  She actually makes them wait […] Continue reading →

Survivor My Word Is My Bond S30 E13

Six people left! They are back at camp and most people are still not with Mike.  Carolyn however, seems like she might align with Mike now. They start talking, she is all happy about being on both sides.  She is setting up so that she is aligned with him unless he loses the Immunity challenge, […] Continue reading →