Amazing Race: Where My Dogs At? S27 Ep3

Things are heating up between #TeamTexas, Justin and Tanner & #GreenTeam Justin and Diana.  Last week, we saw Tanner and Josh offer their Express Pass to anyone who Uturns Justin and Diana first. All the teams are down because Justin put a target on himself by proclaiming to be an expert. Love the look on Joshs face as he plots.

tanner amazing race

Josh pulled a hamstring last leg so he is in major pain. I wish I was there to rub it for him, poor guy!

tanner josh amazing race

Teams must now head to Argentina…

amazing race detour ep 3 san antonio deareco


Teams must head to a Gaucho camp in the back off a pickup truck. Once there they must skewer meat slabs for roasting. They  must skewer identical to the ones they are shown.

amazing race roadblock ep 3 2

Tanner & Josh, Justin & Diana, and The Newsreporters  arrive around the same time and get to work. They each try to submit their meat but are turned away because of mistakes. Finally, Josh finishes first.

amazing race roadblock ep 3 tanner first

amazing race roadblock ep 3 2

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams show up and get to work.  The Cheerleaders hold their own, I am impressed.

amazing race roadblock ep 3

Once everyone finishes here, we are taken to Ernest and Jin they are so far behind. But they are not giving up.

ernest jin making effort amazing race

Jin does the meat fast and perfectly on the first try!! No other teams did that. On to the Carriage Detour…

ernest jin amazing race eliminated

In the end they were way late … they were eliminated. I was hoping this would turn out to be a non-elimination round. It wasn’t.  They did get to dance and enjoy the local scene for a bit before they left.  Love them.

ernest jin making effort amazing race 2

Tanner and Josh are #1!

tanner josh 1st

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