Amazing Race The Fruits of Our Labors S26 E10

They are off to Peru from Amsterdam.

Laura and Tyler, America’s Couple, start off first.  It’s Laura’s 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday Laura!

Hailey and Blair are next. But after Laura and Tyler book their flight they go explore Amsterdam. Hailey and Blair decide to check other flights so they get in the night before, wow!  Hopefully, it will be one where they all start together. Jenny and Jelani are next and they decide to shop other flights too.  Mike and Rochelle are next and Matt and Ashley are last.

That night Blair & Hailey and Jenny & Jelani are all on the first flight.


Hailey is going off again. They seem to be lost, the cab driver doesn’t know where to go. Hailey thinks this is Blairs fault somehow.

Amazing Race Hayley

Road Block

Amazing Race Phil Peru

They get to work with a farm worker to cut down sugar cane.  Jenny and Jelani are the first to arrive.  They also get the date card.

Back at the start where they get their clue from a shoe-shine, Laura and Tyler run right past it:

Laura Tyler Miss booth

Then some people tell them its far away and they take their word!  You gotta ask a few people! Matt and Ashley show up, Laura and Tyler tell them it’s far away. So they all hop in cabs!!  Mike and Rochelle, go right to the shoe shine booth and get their next clue.

Ok cool, so once they are in the cab they realize they are already there. They all hop back out.

Matt and Ashley must complete their Speed Bump.

They have to type for a llama loan.  Matt does not know how to use a typewriter. Hmmm.  I wonder, I mean I guess there is a whole two generations that have no clue about em’.

They now must deliver the sugar cane they cut down to a football stadium where they must calculate numbers using their Fitbits.  Then they must drink a sugar cane shake from the cane they just brought.

Detour Mama’s or Papas

In Mama’s, they get to gather ingredients and bring them to a Grandma and she makes them Peruvian Moonshine.

Papa’s, they have to sort and deliver potatoes. We’re about to find out the fruits of these teams labors.

Jenny and Jelani are first and they choose Papas.

Amazing Race Jenny Jelani

Matt dominates the sugar cane since they were so far behind.

Pit Stop

Amazing Race Phil Peru Pitstop

Hailey and Blair take first.  They get a Fitbit kit. Plus a laptop, cell phone, gym membership or a home gym! Damn! NICE!  They seem to be buddies and take the shit in stride. Right on. God bless Blair.

Hayley Blair

OH shizzle!  Laura and Tyler chose Mama’s (which was WAY easier, it got Hailey and Blair first place) but the taxi driver took them to the Papa’s one! That is the one that cost Jenny and Jelani first! Oh no!  They decide to go for it since they are there. So they start shoving potatoes in the bags.  They do NOT sort.  Mike and Rochelle did the Mama’s challenge.

Jenny and Jelani come in second to the Pit Stop.

The Mama challenge is so much easier and quicker! Laura and Tyler got hosed!

Matt and Ashley finish calculating and chooses Mama.


Ok so Laura and Tyler know they must separate them, whew.  They get to the market and start sorting. Laura notices that when you wet them they are WAY easy to sort because you can see their true colors.  GO #TEAMSOCAL !

OH man this is so confusing!  Matt and Ashley chose Mama’s so their cabby took them there. But it happens to be right next door to where Laura and Tyler are sorting potatoes.

Laura and Tyler

Tyler says that they must have been taken to Papa’s instead of Mama’s and they listen! They go back to their cab hop in and say they need the other one. So then he takes them to the potato fields!!!  They were right there!  They should stop listening to other teams. I know they are aligned but truly it’s all a mistake and not Laura and Tyler’s fault, they are only speaking from experience.

During all this Mike and Rochelle finish their Mama drink and are on their way.

When Matt and Ashley arrive at Papa’s they decide to do it.

Mike and Rochelle are third.

Laura and Tyler end up fourth. They are so cute and funny! They said, sarcastically, “well we gotta throw people a bone once in awhile.” Referring to coming in almost last.

laura tyler funny

Matt and Ashley are last and done.  Sorry. Matt tells Ashley, “give me a kiss.” She complies and they start making out, lol. Too cute!