Amazing Race: My Tongue Doesn’t Even Twist That Way S27 Ep6

Victoria Falls

Teams are still at Victoria Falls from last week’s episode.

Amazing Race phil Victoria Falls Bridge


One teammate must now jump 324 feet from the top of Victoria Falls Bridge.  They must all record their heart rate along the way via their Fitbit, they will need these numbers later.

Amazing race bungee jump victoria falls group

Tanner proves he can do heights! Last week he said he couldn’t do it, now he did it! Way to go Tanner!

Road Block

Next, one person from each team must go for a bi-plane ride to spot words to a saying they must recite.  All teams do great and have fun too. They love going in a loop.  The only person that did not spot all three words was Logan, she must wait another turn and go back up. This sends all the other teams off on a huge lead.

amazing race roadblock liberte

After this Road Block teams must now take a train to Paris, France.

amazing race paris france

Justin and Diana are first to finish, they head to the train station and hop a train that leaves right away.  They are in Paris while the other teams make their way to the train station, they all keep filtering in and end up on the same train.

amazing race train to paris

Once to Paris they must find the White Ghost to get their next clue.

paris france white ghost

Once they get the clue the must choose between 2 choices for the next Road Block.  Drops Mic or Bust a Crab.

In Drops Mic the teams must learn a rap and recite back along with music and other musicians, all in French too!  Justin and Diana go first and Justin nails it while the judge keeps telling Diana she doesn’t have enough rhythm. Finally, they get it and go.  The Reporters are really at it and so are the Cheerleaders.

amazing race detour drops mic roadblock

Bust a Crab, teams must go to the world famous La Coupole restaurant and create a signature dish that they are famous for.  The Doctors are fast, efficient and accurate!  They go up to be judged and get their next clue right away.  Tanner and Josh are sent back to the kitchen to try again. They get it the next time and head out.  The Paparazzi ended up lost for awhile then finally make it to Paris. They head into Bust a Crab.  After 2 tries they get their clue and head out.

amazing race detour bust a crab team roadblock

Denise and James Earl also get lost in Paris and can’t find a clue, once they do, they can’t find their Road Block, Drops Mic.

amazing race denise james earl paris


Meanwhile, all the teams head to the Pitstop. Justin and Diana are first only to find out that …

amazing race pitstop still racing green team

They are STILL racing!  The Cheerleaders arrive 2nd, then Kelsey & Joey, Tanner & Josh, The Doctors, and then Chris and Logan.

James Earl and Denise finally find it and poor Denise is struggling big time. She is on her 15th attempt…

amazing race detour drops denise

Then this happens:

amazing race detour drops continued

Until then!


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